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10830finally some positive changes in Bangkok?

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  • Debra Efroymson
    Apr 3, 2008
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      Hi all. For those of you who know Bangkok and its
      singular love for cars and decades-long reluctance to
      accept, till very recently, that public transit should
      be surface and take away space from the cars, imagine
      my shock at seeing this headline on the front page of
      a leading paper: Condo parking lot ban sought in bid
      to ease traffic. Yes, Bangkok Metropolitan
      Administration wants to prevent condos for providing
      parking if they are located close to public transit.
      Wha, ya mean the cars are the problem? ;-)


      In Bangkok, they are also finally actually working on
      constructing the BRT, which will be interesting with
      streets already filled with concrete posts to support
      the many flyovers.

      Far from carfree, but when Bangkok does anything
      right, or even vaguely on track, I have to be

      (I'll spare you the bad news about Dhaka in this
      Debra Efroymson

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