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10742Transportation affects economic and social systems.

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  • Bruce Wilkinson
    Feb 7, 2008
      Folks lets keep in mind carfree cities is inexorably connected to
      different ways to formulate an economy and a social community. This
      means some problems would naturally disappear as others arose. It is
      impossible to think of carfree cities in the long term without
      acknowledging the changes in society that would take place.

      A carfree city would invite a 100 fold increase in socializing and
      community by its very nature. People would no longer be isolated in
      bubbles, like the car bubble or suburban home bubble. It would also
      serve to reunite the divided classes, rich and poor alike ride bikes
      together. There is a guarantee that community would increase when
      people slow down their speed and decrease their distance of transport
      and intermingle between race and class.

      How does this pertain towards our discussion of alternative
      transportation? Well for starters, if the weather is inclement people
      will want to close their businesses. Labor should benefit from a
      tighter labor market and may begin winning things like flexible
      scheduling, decrease work time, and better benefits. People who are
      less able to adapt to a human centered mobility, may benefit from an
      increase in social answers to their distress.

      Our transportation affects our social and economic structure. It is
      good to try and think about how those changes might help out

      -Bruce Wilkinson