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10696Re: [carfree_cities] Re: something to watch out for

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  • Simon Baddeley
    Jan 20, 2008
      There have always been ways to guide markets without falling into the trap
      of government corporatism. Carmageddon is not a product of free markets - as
      we should be well aware by now. Interventions can be via regulators giving
      rapid transit proposals an even playing field to compete with the auto-based
      solutions promoted by automobile manufacturers through buying up patents,
      buying up tram systems (as they did in the early 20th century) and intensive
      anti-rapid transit advertising. It can be done by loading goods-mile charges
      onto the retailer by taxing energy and collateral costs such as insurance,
      noise and air pollution, thus evening up the market so that local retailers
      can compete with the added advantage of being energy cheaper. It can be done
      by reversing the zoning laws that helped create suburban sprawl, encouraging
      far more mixed use development. Many landlords resist this as lowering their
      discretion in buying and selling property. Offset their concerns with tax
      breaks as used to attract industry to specific areas. Assemble affordable
      and co-operative housing deals. This is done in UK by saying that 10% or
      more of new private building should include affordable homes. It is not a
      question of regulation versus no regulation. There's always been regulation.
      It's a matter of the vote and the wider circumstances - energy costs - that
      would allow government to favour carfree local economies.


      > =v= As for the Subject: line, this is indeed something to watch
      > out for. I'm not sure how valid the criticism is, as it seems
      > to be based on anecdotes rather than data. It's generally true
      > that more desirable communities cost more to live in, and that
      > carfree communities are more desirable.
      > <_Jym_>
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