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  • Debra Efroymson
    Jan 8, 2008
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      Hey all, just so you don't think we're sitting on our
      hands...we successfully fought the most recent planned
      rickshaw ban, and have gotten messages in the
      newspaper about the need to control cars, and how
      cars, not rickshaws, are the real source of traffic
      congestion. (This after YEARS in which there was
      universal agreement that rickshaws are the problem.)
      The government is even making noise about making more
      rickshaw lanes, though of course the plans aren't
      great yet.
      And...Jan Gehl is visiting us this month, to celebrate
      our Bengali translation of Life Between Buildings. We
      are organizing two seminars with him and various
      informal meetings with urban planners, media people,
      We're a long way from carfree cities here, but we are
      working hard to promote the concepts and planning that
      will lead there!
      Debra (and the WBB team)

      --- "J.H. Crawford" <mailbox@...> wrote:

      > Fuel Consumption and Environmental Impact of
      > Rickshaw Bans in Dhaka

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