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10652Democracy Street

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  • Simon Baddeley
    Jan 1, 2008
      I cycle and drive. We have a home in a Greek village on Odos Demokratias.
      Have a look at this from a local website on Ano Korakiana:


      In many British villages this road would have been widened by now. This is
      unlikely to happen here or in many other such villages - or am I wrong?
      Driving a car into Ano Korakiana requires regular stopping and backing off
      and generally negotiating space. We stop and drop off goods by the railing
      on the right where steps go down to our house. Other drivers don't seem to
      mind waiting while we load and unload. Parking is about a 100 metres further
      up the street where it widens near the village bandstand. We got our house
      cheaper because it has no parking space. No problem for us. We get to stroll
      up and down Democracy Street and exchange greetings with others on foot as
      we walk to and from the car. I cycle as well and find it easy to share this
      road with other users. I'm sure you will note that there are no road
      markings, no pavement and no signs - except the name of the street on
      occasional walls which has no regulatory purpose.

      It is a problem to get building materials and waste to and from different
      premises in the village. Greeks call this sokaki style building - narrow
      often cobbled streets and houses opening onto streets. Some residents have
      turned their lower floors into garage space/parking bays. The bus cannot get
      into this street but there are a series of short pathways, some with steps,
      from this street to a lower road where a bus can be caught.

      I would appreciate observations on these reflections.

      Best wishes


      Simon Baddeley