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10573Re: How to Build a Village -- Claude Lewenz

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  • chbuckeye
    Nov 11, 2007
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      --- In carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com, lela@... wrote:

      > The difficult issue is how to convert existing wasteful planning in
      > to compact communities . . . . only
      > individual neighbourhoods can change that, by forming small enclaves
      > within
      > the city in which case it is still not a village because of the
      > in relation to the rest of the city.

      Ah, but converting existing wasteful planning to compact communities
      is the existing challenge, unless we abandon those cities for new
      (sprawl) carfree developments. And I look forward to reading this
      book for clues as to how best to achieve the goal of a carfree
      neighborhood within a city.

      I disagree that converting a city to individual neighborhoods cannot
      create a village, in the sense of a largely-independent community
      (emphasis on community). In my experience in the US, almost all
      existing villages (fewer than 5,000 residents) also are poorly planned
      and lack many necessities, so that the residents must rely on certain
      stores and amenities in neighboring villages and larger cities.

      It is encouraging that more of us are thinking about the problem and
      can more easily share ideas.
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