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10572Re: Malta`s optical carfree TignePoint development // Re: [carfree_cities] carfree development, in progress

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  • J.H. Crawford
    Nov 10, 2007
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      Hi Markus,

      >I don`t know, if those rich TignePoint people "hate cars". They are still
      >addicted: did you see that they hide all the cars in underground garages ?

      I didn't figure out how many cars are accommodated, but I imagine it's
      quite a few, and it will be expensive.

      >That will cost much money, doesn`t solve any problem with air pollution, and
      >stabilises the existing car-oriented structure around.

      Yes, but the local quality of life WILL be better. In the beginning,
      I think it's going to be difficult to get pure carfree projects,
      because the infrastructure for carfree life just isn't there yet,
      at least not in most cities.

      >To me, those optical carfree quarters are only one small (& slow) step
      >towards carfree cities. Good point is the carfree surface and how
      >tignepoint.com celebrates its advantages - this intensity from a developer`s
      >side seems still new and encouraging -, but still remains the conventional
      >personal mobility behaviour, except that those people don`t need to "see"
      >their car all the time.

      Yes, I think it's instructive that rich people hate cars (except their
      own limousine) and don't want to look at them. The rest of us can
      just suffer, I guess.



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