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10570Re: [carfree_cities] How to Build a Village -- Claude Lewenz

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  • lela@ecopolitics.ca
    Nov 9, 2007
      This is a good book alright, but nothing new of course.
      I see it as a variation on the same theme that has been discussed for years;
      compact and sustainable communities to combat urban sprawl.

      The difficult issue is how to convert existing wasteful planning in cities
      to compact communities; unless of course the compact community plan is
      to be considered for new developments, in which case this is another
      form of sprawl.
      Most large cities are entrenched in unsustainable urban planning; only
      individual neighbourhoods can change that, by forming small enclaves
      the city in which case it is still not a village because of the circumstances
      in relation to the rest of the city.

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