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10448Re:affordable carfree areas

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  • Carlos F. Pardo
    Sep 14, 2007
      Regarding Debra's post on low-income carfree areas and her remark that
      "nobody in these neighborhoods seems to see carfree as a good thing..",
      I'm reproducing the following paragraph from a nice book I'm reading
      (full reference at the end):

      "So it is with this village. Its ecological and peaceful way of living
      is unconsciously won and thus is vulnerable to the winds of change that
      fan the latent desires of its people. Even now there is a familiar
      though jarring note in this sylvian village scene. The sounds of static
      and that impersonal professional voice of another civilization - the
      radio announcer- cut through the harmony of sounds as a young man of the
      village holding a portable radio to his ear comes around a bend. On his
      arm there is a silver wristwatch, which sparkles in the sun. He looks at
      me proudly as he passes. And a wave of understanding passes through me.
      Just behind that radio and wristwatch comes an army of desires that for
      centuries have gone untested and untasted. As material growth and
      technological change activate these yearnings, they will transform the
      hearts, minds, work, and daily life of this village within a generation
      of two."

      Elgin, Duane (1981/1993 ). Voluntary Simplicity. New York: Harper. pp 14-15.

      Best regards,

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