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10436Re: Cheaper to drive their cars to work than take public transport

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  • Randall Ghent
    Sep 12 1:43 AM
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      In North Africa, where carfree areas (medinas) of substantial size exist in
      most cities, the carfree areas include a mix of income levels, from very
      poor to very rich. This is true even in cities with a population of over 1
      million. Of course the local and national economic situations have a lot to
      do with it, and the fact that carfree areas aren't seen as a luxury. In some
      cases they are even run down.

      But in a large North American city, there is no reason why all carfree areas
      would need to be in or near the city center, as Jym said. It is possible to
      strengthen and revitalize neighborhood centers by making them carfree. If
      this is done frequently enough and carfree areas become more commonplace,
      the cost of living in such places could drop. Or more proactively, city
      councils and planning departments could require that affordable housing be
      included in such projects. And of course if car owners were not allowed to
      live in the carfree areas, the prices could also drop for that reason.

      To answer your question more directly, I do know of a large optically
      carfree residential area in Berlin where rents are probably not very high.
      We visited it during the Towards Carfree Cities IV conference. I say
      "optically carfree" because it includes quite a bit of underground car
      parking. Markus Heller, who is on this list, would have more information.


      Matt Hohmeister wrote:

      > That brings up an interesting point with carfree cities. Does anyone
      out there know of a carfree area in an at least midsized city (over
      100k) that has reasonable property values? One objection I've heard to
      carfree/urban living is that it would turn into NYC--not affordable
      unless you live in a very small space.

      > As a reference point, Tallahassee's population is 159k (337k MSA), and
      we're paying $1050 monthly for 1800 square feet, a few blocks from

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