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  • Jennifer Ashley
    Aug 31, 2007
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      Yeah, the photo appeared to indicate no bikes in that construction zone, which is understandable. There are very few places in China bikes aren't allowed--and besides, it doesn't seem that too many traffic regulations are followed to a T anyway. But I don't know about the car enthusiasm being rethought. Every person I talk to still hopes to own a car someday, even though they acknowledge cars' ill effects to society (you know, it's bad, but I'm just one person--how much could it hurt?). I got a tattoo of a classic London double-decker bus on my shoulder last winter, and this has done more to spark conversation about public transportation and the social ill that is private automobiles than anything else I've ever done. Strange, but good. I recommend everybody try it! ;)

      Richard Risemberg <rickrise@...> wrote: On Aug 29, 2007, at 7:28 AM, J.H. Crawford wrote:

      > It;s hard to tell what this is. Richard Risemberg might
      > be able to eyeball the site and tell us. It looks to
      > me like the "no bikes" sign is posted on the pedestrian
      > detour but I'm not sure.

      Can't really tell from the photo.

      I do however know that Chinese cities often have a complex mix of car-
      only, bike-only, and shared car/bike lanes. This is not unique to
      China: in the following picture of Park Avenue in New York you will
      see signs forbidding both pedestrians and bicyclists from entering an
      ill-designed tunnel:


      The Chinese are now rethinking their official enthusiasm for cars and
      re-emphasizing bicycle-centered street design.

      Richard Risemberg

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