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10381Re: [carfree_cities] Carful Cities

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  • doug@sfbackstory.com
    Aug 15 10:03 AM
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      As Jym and Rick have pointed out, we have been experimenting with autocentric design for rather a long time in the US -- between 60 and 90 years, depending upon the observational parameters one wishes to adopt. This era has produced not one, single, livable, sustainable city or district. Not one.

      What's more, autocentrism hasn't even been able to make our cities work for *cars* -- let alone people. For many years, now, some of us have been challenging the Pave-the-World Federation to show us *one* urban road-building or -widening project that has resulted in long-term congestion relief. Hasn't happened.

      I'm pretty confident that the results of the experiment are in, and are conclusive: cars and cities are incompatible. Been there, done that, got the greasy t-shirt.


      Could you not also
      say that the reason for all these problems is that the cities were not
      designed during the car era -- and what is more, our urban planners
      and designers have not lived with cars long enough to know how to
      build a really car oriented city?
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