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  • dawie_coetzee
    May 4, 2007
      The effect of scale on all the better alternative fuel solutions is
      not generally appreciated. The greater the overall reduction in
      vehicle use, the more biodiesel/ethanol/biomethane begins to make
      sense. All these solutions really come into their own in a low-
      demand, localized, appropriate-technology scenario. Simply unplugging
      petroleum and plugging in biofuels won't work.

      A 90%+ reduction in vehicle use would take both the fuel and motor
      industries beyond a critical point at which their current
      methodologies are no longer viable. Then, both fuels and vehicles
      capable of being made using handicraft techniques and small, power-
      diffuse organizational structures would be required - in vastly
      reduced quantities, of course. All the biofuel processes, especially
      ethanol!, are as exquisitely suited to such conditions as they are
      unsuited to the conditions that currently prevail.

      The fuel and motor industries derive their power from the
      perpetuation and expansion of their current methodologies, which
      effectively renders them technologically and therefore economically
      invulnerable. That, rather than the loss of discrete operational
      profits, is why they will resist any real reduction in the use or
      rate of consumption of automobiles. New, supposedly efficient designs
      tend to rely more heavily on these methodologies and therefore
      further entrench the power of these industries. That is the real
      reason not to buy a Prius.

      That is also why better cities are the only real solution to the
      problems of vehicle emissions and resource depletion.

      Dawie Coetzee

      --- In carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com, Karen Sandness <ksandness@...>
      > Climate change is a fashionable topic here in the States, as well,
      > I see almost no one addressing the elephant in the garage, namely,
      > America's overwhelming dependence on the automobile, supposedly
      > responsible for 1/3 of all U.S. greenhouse emissions.
      > In transit,
      > Karen Sandness
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