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10207Re: [carfree_cities] Metro in power failure

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  • Todd Edelman, Green Idea Factory
    Apr 5, 2007
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      Matt Hohmeister wrote:

      >In the event of a municipal utility failure, what happens with the
      >metro? Are the trains able to glide without power to the next station
      > to allow a total evacuation without making passengers walk through

      In Prague one or two of the metro lines can go under its own power to
      the next station, slowly... I assume using some kind of small battery...
      for where it is level or a slight incline. For going down you at least
      need brakes, plus in either situation door opening would be nice. I am
      not sure if there is an advantage to ultracapacitors for a situation
      like this.

      A system which generates emissions or needs to store liquid for fuel in
      a tunnel is not a good idea.



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