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10164Portland & Mass Transit

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  • Richard Risemberg
    Jan 30, 2007
      To quote:

      > Portland, after all, loves to ride.
      > So enamored with public transportation is this city of 560,000 (the
      > population of the metropolitan region is almost two million) that
      > it is laced with electric streetcars, light rail and buses. TriMet,
      > the regionwide system that unites most of the various modes, boasts
      > that it has more riders than public transit systems in bigger
      > cities like Seattle, Denver and Miami. It says ridership over the
      > last decade has risen faster than both the population and the
      > average number of miles people drive. More than one-fourth of
      > afternoon commuters on some major routes out of Portland use light
      > rail.
      Article in NYT on new aerial tramway:


      Richard Risemberg

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