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10116Re: [carfree_cities] RE: a simple (and effective??) campaign

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  • Todd Edelman
    Jan 17, 2007

      Can I suggest that perhaps several years ago these were a novelty and
      therefore effective, at least as a conversation (conservation) starter,
      but then more recently they just provide a little ego-boost for the
      stickerer (or stenciler)? Especially in Berkeley, where people are used
      to activist things which are 1000x more disruptive? If we move on to
      "(stop) ignoring global warming" or "... ignoring your neighbours" or
      "....not knowing how to communicate"? would it be useful? How about
      (keeping this in mind: <http://www.shared-space.org>*) ".... stop 'stop

      - T

      *I think the part of the "Shared Space" a.k.a. Naked Streets thing
      concerning communication is brilliant, but that the cars-are-allowed bit
      is problematic, given that so many of the car problems continue under a
      Shared Space scheme. Of course, without the cars, Shared Space loses its
      raison d'etre, right?

      Jason Meggs wrote:
      > Hi,
      > A bit on this based on my observations, seeing these in the field.
      > These signs have been used in the Bay Area for perhaps 8+ years. I don't
      > know how effective they are -- that's an interesting research topic --
      > but
      > they certainly get noticed to a point.

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