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101Re: RE: RE: [carfree_cities] Ranking US cities

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  • Marcus Nielson
    Apr 17 9:49 AM
      > No offence but, Minneapolis-St.Paul must really be sprawling,
      St.Cloud is
      > like 70 miles away.

      Offense? It's not my fault. Mpls/St. Paul has some nice things, but
      far it's #1 fault is it's such a car city. I believe at last count it
      was the 3rd (behind K.C. and Alanta) worst sprawling area in the US
      (and probably the world). And I'm getting pretty bitter about it.

      > Thanks, but what I should have also asked is where along the
      > River that the line started. If the line was SOO's then it is
      > Marshall St. and Lowry Ave. or near Kellogg Blvd. I should have
      asked this
      > earlier, because just west of Vadnais Lake there was a place called
      > Jct. where the line use to split up.

      Well this line crosses the Mississippi just a few blocks north of
      (Mpls) /Marshall (St.Paul). The Ped/bikeway will end just before the
      river on the Mpls side. Tracks (for trains) are still being used form
      the old Sears building (soon-to-be Great Lakes Center) to DT St. Paul
      I believe. I'm not sure about Cardigan Jct., although it maybe near
      Ayd Mill road (another car vs parkwway debate).

      > One of the positive things about the rail-trails movement is that
      right of
      > ways would be preserved for future rail access or "railbanked".

      Preserved for trains, people waiting for trains or pedestrains?

      > There is also a group of people in California trying to rebuild the
      > line back toward Yosemite National Park! The original line was
      ripped out in
      > 1945! One of the reasons to rebuild is to reduce the number of cars
      going in
      > to the National Park. http://www.yvrr.com/
      > Dawson

      I think in National Parks, like, but esp like Yosimite, PRT would be
      great place for
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