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10070Re: [carfree_cities] Recent developments in hybrid guided "bustrams", ultracaps and BRT

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  • Todd Edelman
    Dec 20, 2006
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      Thanks for the link to the Railway Gazette article.

      I remember the Rail + Rubber discussion and thought all of that stuff
      would be helpful as follow-up, and of course though most of it is
      internally-generated it does contain graphs and so on and also a
      flywheel-solution (like the ones used by
      http://www.parrypeoplemovers.com/)... and of course there are new people
      on the list since then.

      I am especially interested in the more visible solutions facilitated by
      ultracaps including the ability to reduce catenary (overhead lines) and
      allow engine-powered vehicles (trains and buses) to start from
      platforms/bus stops with only electric power, with the engine off, in
      order to reduce local emissions. The train concept is explained in the
      Bombardier Mitrac document. There are some buses that use this in North
      and an earlier development in Nuremburg, Germany
      (http://en.vag.de/?pid=102) though I am not sure of the latter's current

      - T

      > Related article:
      > 'UltraCaps win out in energy storage'
      > http://tinyurl.com/yygt5g
      > We discussed this last year in the 'Rail & Rubber' topic.
      > It is good (but not surprising) to learn that the ultracapacitors have
      > been
      > 100% reliable after two and half years in the Mannheim tram.


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