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10047Re: BRT courses in Yogyakarta BAQ 2006

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  • chbuckeye
    Dec 5, 2006
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      --- In carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com, Jym Dyer <jym@...> wrote:
      > =v= Here in the United States, BRT serves to usurp LRT. Indeed,
      > its very name is an attempt to convince people that they can
      > have the benefits of LRT with a bus system. (This is only true
      > if you pretend that the many benefits of rail don't exist.)

      I agree, those arguments were made here in Cleveland, which is
      currently building a BRT line.

      > All BRT "success stories" in the U.S. involve BRT running on
      > former LRT routes.

      Cleveland once had an extensive trolley network. Some of the trolley
      rails were recently uncovered (and discarded) during reconstruction of
      Euclid Avenue as part of the BRT project. Buses are expected to be
      running in 2008 or 2009. Whether it will be a success or not remains
      to be seen, but are trolleys "light rail"?

      Cleveland has a few light rail lines that have been around for up to
      seventy-five years, but the network has not been expanded and does not
      even cover the core of the city. Meanwhile the "city" has expanded
      exponentially over the years, simultaneously increasing and diluting
      the population.

      Despite pleas from advocates of light rail in Cleveland, BRT was
      adopted as a less expensive alternative. It will be interesting to
      see what the local sentiment is in 2010, after a year or two of operation.
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