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Re: Ocean Liner Memorabilia

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  • sscitymilw@aol.com
    Hi all, FYI. May be of interest to some. I think they also had something Clipper related at one time (Chuck s probably already got it :) The Clipper also
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2000
      Hi all,

      FYI. May be of interest to some. I think they also had something Clipper
      related at one time (Chuck's probably already got it :)

      The Clipper also sent Volunteer Appreciation cards for a "Perfect Storm"
      viewing at the Harbor Theatre, Saturday, November 5th. The Clipper postcards
      provide admittance. If any Clipper volunteers on the list may have been
      inadvertantly ommitted, please let me know and I'll pass it on to them.

      City of Milwaukee and Silversides will be passing out Wesco cards soon. When
      people turn in the cards and buy $10 worth of designated products, Wesco will
      donate $3.50 to the organization listed on the card. This would be an easy
      program for the Clipper to do as well, if they were interested. Wesco prints
      the cards and sends the check, all we have to do is pass out the cards and
      hope people redeem them.

      The SPCM's Ghost Ship fundraiser was a phenomenal success. Not sure of the
      totals, but reportedly on Saturday people were waiting an hour and a half in
      line for tours. Program Director Jed Jaworski, local youth volunteers, and
      our adult volunteers all deserve credit for pulling this one off. This
      summer there were days with 6 people signing up for tours. It's a welcome
      change to have people hand you money as fast as you can take it (I'm not
      kidding, either). A solid advertising campaign and local sponsors also
      played an important role.


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