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Re: New Acoustiguide @ Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum

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      << Acoustiguide News Release

      Veterans' Voices Speak at Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum
      Acoustiguide Brings Personal Stories to Thousands of Visitors; Programs in
      English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean,

      (New York, NY) - In a new Acoustiguide audio tour, visitors to the Intrepid
      Sea Air Space Museum, one of the most popular tourist attractions in New
      York, will hear for the first time the personal stories of veterans who
      served aboard the aircraft carrier during World War II. Acoustiguide's
      programming in English, and available soon in eight foreign languages,
      complements the exciting exhibitions aboard the USS Intrepid, including an
      interactive Navy Flight Simulator and the world's only guided missile
      submarine open to the public.

      During the two-hour audio tour just written and produced by Acoustiguide,
      veterans tell of surviving kamikaze attacks, launching Navy fighters and
      living aboard a ship with 3,500 officers and men. Among the celebrity
      narrators is Mercury astronaut Scott Carpenter, who remembers being scooped
      up by the Intrepid crew upon his return to Earth. Other narrators include
      Walter Cronkite, Mike Wallace, Tom Brokaw and museum director Lt. Gen.
      Martin Steele, USMC Ret.

      The voices, sound effects and music all come across clearly on
      Acoustiguide's Inform wand players, which are lightweight and ideal for both
      outdoor and indoor use. The audio tour is included with admission ($12 for
      adults; $9 for veterans, seniors, students; additional discounts available
      for children under 12). This Acoustiguide program is one of the most widely
      heard in North America with 600,000 visitors to the Intrepid each year.

      "The most comprehensive audio program is one that is offered to every
      visitor," said Barbara Roberts, President and CEO of Acoustiguide. "We are
      pleased to partner with the Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum to offer an audio
      tour that allows visitors to connect with the experiences of veterans whose
      service shaped our world."

      The Acoustiguide program covers the history of the Intrepid and the many
      permanent exhibits on board, including the impressive military aircraft
      displayed on the flight deck. The tour also includes an overview of
      Intrepid's sister ships - the guided missile submarine USS Growler and the
      USS Edson, a Forrest Sherman Class destroyer.

      "The Acoustiguide audio tour takes the Intrepid experience to a higher
      level," Gen. Steele said. "The program brings to life the selfless
      sacrifices of those who served and continue to serve in order to preserve
      our democracy."

      The Intrepid audio tour will be offered in English, Spanish, German, French,
      Italian, Chinese and Japanese. Portuguese and Korean-language versions are
      also planned. The Intrepid is one of several historic naval sites that offer
      Acoustiguide programs. Other Acoustiguide productions are heard at the USS
      Arizona and USS Missouri (beginning in 2001) in Honolulu, USS Constellation
      in Boston and the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard in the United Kingdom.

      More than 40 years ago, Acoustiguide invented the audio tour, and the
      company has remained at the leading edge of creativity and technology ever
      since. Acoustiguide provides audio programs for museums, heritage and
      historic sites, tourism attractions, zoos, aquariums and corporate clients
      in 22 countries around the world. Acoustiguide offers complete creative and
      production services, the most advanced audio technology and comprehensive
      on-site management. For more information, visit www.acoustiguide.com.

      To receive a sampler of the Intrepid audio tour in script form or on CD,
      e-mail your request to jyamamoto@....

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