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Re: Lake Express Facebook - Trash Talking---ship vs boat

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  • Bernard
    That was fun, Jim! Thanks. - Bernard
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 17, 2013
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      That was fun, Jim! Thanks.

      - Bernard

      --- In carferry@yahoogroups.com, "jimr19462" <jimr19462@...> wrote:
      > Hi All,
      > Just for fun imagine this:
      > A thousand ft ore BOAT encounters a 75 ft fishinng BOAT taking on water. The 4 fishermen have already deployed their small life BOAT. The captain of the ore BOAT,feeling sorry for the fishermen,offers to save their only source of income by taking it aboard. The overjoyed fishermen bring the lifeBOAT back aboard. In the process the fishing BOAT becomes a fishing SHIP since it had a BOAT hoisted aboard. The crew of th ore BOAT hoists the fishing SHIP aboard. In the process the fishing SHIP becomes a fishing boat, once again, and the ore BOAT becomes an ore SHIP.The captain rings up "full ahead" and the SHIP continues its trip accross the blue waters of the Great Lakes making it a BOAT once more.
      > Jim Richardson
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