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2011-12 Private Rail Car Tours by American Rail Excursions

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  • Frank Corley
    The following  9-2-2011 update is being published so you can plan which tours you will want to enjoy in late 2011 and the year 2012.   2011-12 Private Rail
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      The following  9-2-2011 update is being published so you can plan which tours you will want to enjoy in late 2011 and the year 2012.
      2011-12 Private Rail Car Tours by
      American Rail Excursions
      Fall Colors East Coast Rail Tour
      New England, Colonial Williamsburg,  Washington, D.C., the Potomac River Valley & Allegheny Mountains
      St. Louis, Chicago, Boston, Williamsburg, Washington, Chicago, St. Louis  Roundtrip
      October 1-7, 2011 (Chicago)  September 29/30 – October 8 (St. Louis) 
      Only one double bedroom for double or single occupancy and 2 to 3 single bedrooms (roomettes)  remaining. Suites are not available. Call 313-300-8411 to order so you will not be left at the station, so to speak! 
      Embarking on this land cruise, you are about to discover the magnificent beauty this great country has to offer all eyes to behold! We'll travel the famed "Water Level Route" past Lake Erie, through New York's beautiful Hudson River Valley through New England, as well as the historic Colonial Williamsburg, Washington D.C., the Potomac River Valley and Allegheny Mountains from a truly unique perspective- through the windows of our legendary, private rail cars. Relive the romance of first-class travel in our refurbished, stainless steel, art deco styled cars. We look forward to ensuring that your trip will be comfortable, relaxing, and memorable. Traveling on board a train is not about getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible. It is a journey of the senses, of reflections, of camaraderie, or solitude; it is about the simple pleasures of traveling through the landscape, about appreciating the beauty outside and the comforts within.

      Tour Highlights:
      • Explore the "Windy City" Chicago, IL just footsteps from Union Station. A Chicago Transit map is mailed to those who order tour.
      • Enjoy Complimentary premium beverage and snack service aboard our private railcars throughout the trip.
      • Dine aboard our private railcars with freshly prepared meals created by our onboard chef. Enjoy numerous meals onboard plus a gala Bon Voyage party departing Chicago on our train.
      • Occupy our private railcars, as your hotel overnight throughout the tour.
      • Traverse the picturesque Atlantic coast enjoying the fall colors from the comfort of our train.
      • Explore Boston leisurely with an included day tour.
      • Retrace the steps of our ancestors from over 200 years ago, as we follow their footsteps on an included interactive walking tour through historic Colonial Williamsburg.
      • Stop off at our nation’s capitol Washington DC with many sights, near our train as well as an included step on step off trolley tour.
      • View the historic Potomac River Valley, Harpers Ferry, Cumberland, MD and the Allegheny Mountains right from your accommodations aboard our train.

      Our sold out Civil War Tour has recently ended. Passengers on that tour enjoyed five private cars:  Royal Street 5 bedroom/round end observation, NYC 448 full service diner, Southern Hospitality Vista Dome, Silver Quail 11 double bedroom and Pacific Union 10-6 bedroom sleeper. We would like to have a large consist of private cars on this   fall color tour but it all depends on orders.   Please don’t delay; place your order soon.
      St. Louis Passengers only
      Thursday, September 29, 2011
      7:00 PM or later – St. Louis originating passengers board at St. Louis Amtrak Station, 430 S 15th St., 63103. Your onboard contact is Roger Verbeeren, cell phone # 312-909-5128.
      Evening-  Premium beverages and snacks served in our lounge until 11:00 PM
      Overnight on the private cars.
      Friday, September 30
      3:00 PM DP St. Louis – Private cars attached to Amtrak #304
      6:00 PM Dinner served enroute
      8:40 PM AR Chicago D
      Alternate departure due to Union Pacific RR  track work :
      7:30  - 9:30 AM Breakfast served onboard and enroute
      7:55 AM – DP St. Louis – Private cars attached to #22, the Texas Eagle..
      11:30 – 1:00 PM – Lunch served onboard enroute
      1:52 PM – AR Chicago Union Station.  BL
      Passengers disembark to sightsee, shop and dine in Chicago. Private cars will be moved to Amtrak Coach Yard south of Roosevelt St. Bridge at Canal St.
      Evening-  Premium beverages and snacks served in our lounge until 11:00 PM.
      Overnight on the private cars
      Saturday, October 1
      7:30 – 9:30 AM – Breakfast for St. Louis passengers..
      Day - St. Louis passengers tour, dine and shop Chicago
      All Passengers
       8:30 PM: American Rail Excursions Inc. onboard service manager Roger Verbeeren, Jr., cell phone # 312-909-5128  will meet all our Chicago boarding passengers, with their luggage in  Chicago Union Station 225 S. Canal St. Chicago, IL. 60601.   We will gather by the fountain under the escalator opposite the Amtrak Ticket counter.
      Complimentary baggage handling is provided by American Rail Excursions Inc. in Chicago. Please do NOT check any bags with Amtrak! 
      As soon as our pre-boarding check-in is completed, our onboard service manager will escort our group to our awaiting train.
      9:00 PM (approx.): Board our Fall Colors Tour.  Our onboard staff welcomes all our New England bound travelers.  Your luggage has already been placed in your room.  After a review of your accommodations, amenities, and safety instructions, we invite all to our lounge to get acquainted, enjoy complimentary premium beverages and  snacks. An included Bon Voyage celebration with hot and cold hors d' oeuvres awaits all our Chicago departing passengers!
      9:30 PM  DP: Chicago  Amtrak's # 48, the Lake Shore Limited (our "Fall Colors Tour”) As our conductor calls "All Aboard, " our train gradually glides out of the confines of Chicago Union Station. The distinct Downtown Chicago skyline gradually disappears behind us.  With the city giving way to the suburbs, and the more rural surroundings now in view through the windows. The buzz of exhilaration is in the air as our passengers get acquainted.
      Late Evening :    While passengers have been enjoying conversation, camaraderie and the next sights, rooms have been readied in anticipation of weary travelers. The gentle sway and rhythm of the rails are a night time lullaby coaxing you to retire. Enjoy the night. Sweet Rail Dreams!
      Premium snack and beverage service continues.
      As we approach South Bend, see the iconic South Shore Interurban track and overhead wires to your left.
      11:59 PM DP South Bend – home of Notre Dame University and former home of Studebaker.
      Night:      Occupy railcars overnight en-route
      Sunday, October 2
      12:20 AM DP Elkhart, IN – Famous for band instruments and recreational vehicles.
      1:15 AM DP Waterloo, IN (Ft. Wayne)
      1:40 AM DP Bryan, OH
      2:50 AM AR Toledo, OH – Known as the glass city and home of the Toledo Mudhens baseball team
      3:20 AM DP Toledo
      5:35 AM AR Cleveland Lakefront Station
      5:50 AM DP Cleveland
      The sun may be peeking around the drawn shade, or maybe the roar from passing locomotives has lifted an eyelid and you begin to rustle in the comfort of your bed. No matter, we are just departing Cleveland, OH. Sleep in, or wake up for breakfast and some train watching. You'll enjoy awe-inspiring views through your windows that you didn't think belonged here.
      7:22 DP Erie, PA
      Traversing the busy mainline, the cities seem to get closer and closer together until we reach New York's capitol city, Albany.
      7:30-9:30 AM: Breakfast served en-route. Our onboard chef has prepared a delicious hearty breakfast for your enjoyment this morning. Complimentary wake-up coffee is available in each rail car.
      8:58 AR    9:08 Depart Buffalo, NY
      10:08 AM DP Rochester, NY
      10:38 AM DP Syracuse, NY
      12:00 Noon -  Lunch will be served on board en-route.
      12:42 DP Utica, NY
      2:00 PM DP Schenectady, NY
      2:40 PM AR 3:25 DP Albany - Rensselaer, NY
      Afternoon: Complimentary premium beverage and snacks service will continue aboard the rail cars this afternoon as you reflect with newfound friends on the past day's travel.
      As our train arrives in Albany, it will be divided up into two sections. The first section- Amtrak #48 will continue on to New York City. The second section including our private rail cars, will be switched to Amtrak # 448.
      4:29 PM – DP Pittsfield, MA
      5:30 PM& 7:30 PM  – Seatings for dinner.
      5:53 PM – DP Springfield, MA
      6:57 PM – DP Worcester, MA
      Evening: Complimentary premium beverage and snacks service will continue aboard the rail cars this evening.
      7:35 PM – DP Framingham. MA
      9:03 PM – DP Boston, MA – Back Bay Station
      9:10 PM – AR Boston, MA – South Station
      Night: Occupy our private railcars overnight.
      Do not be alarmed when your car moves. During the night our cars will be moved to the Amtrak Yard for servicing.
      Monday, October 3
      6:30-8:30 AM: Breakfast aboard parked railcars.
      9:00 AM: An included step-on step-off trolley  tour departing from just outside the South Station allows our passengers to explore the greater Boston area at their own pace. 
      Afternoon & Evening: While touring, lunch and dinner will be on your own today.
      8:30 PM (approx.): Re-board our rail cars in Boston's South Station. Our rail cars will be attached to the rear of today's Boston, MA departing Amtrak #67 "The Federal". Please check the Amtrak departure board for the correct track number.
      Welcome back to our railcars, your hotel on the rails! It has been a long day! Take a moment to freshen up before heading down to our lounge for a relaxing cocktail and some snacks. Your rooms have been transformed to night mode, in anticipation of weary travelers.
      9:30 PM: DP: Boston, MA. South Station Amtrak #67 "The Federal".  Tonight our train carries us on Amtrak's famed Northeast Corridor, the route of Amtrak’s Acela, its fastest train. . We'll travel at a fairly fast pace as we pass through New York City, Philadelphia and ultimately arrive in Washington, DC
      9:36 PM DP Boston Back Bay Station
      9:50  PM DP Route 128, MA
      10:22 PM DP Providence, RI
      Late Evening: Complimentary premium beverage and snacks will be served until 11:00 PM for those who wish to keep the party going. For those who have had enough, your bed has already been turned down and you may retire to the quiet solitude of your hotel room on the rails.
      10:48 PM DP Kingston, RI
      11:05 PM DP Westerly, RI
      11:17 PM DP Mystic, CT
      11:31 PM DP New London, CT
      11:53 PM DP Old Saybrook, CT
      Night: Occupy rail cars overnight  en-route.
      Tuesday, October 4
      12:30 AM AR 12:35 DP New Haven, CT
      12:45 AM AR Bridgeport, CT
      1:20 AM AR Stamford, CT
      2:20 AM AR 3:00 AM: DP - New York City Penn Station.
      - private cars attached to  Amtrak #67- The Federal.
      In the next 4 hours or so, we will be whisked along 225 miles to Washington DC  The furious clickety-clack gives way to a soothing quiet ride.  The brilliant blue flash and rush of air just outside your window is not an approaching storm, it is just our train on the northeast corridor reaching 110mph but you'll probably never hear it in your sound sleep. Occupy railcars overnight en-route.
      3:20 AM DP Newark, NJ
      3:36 AM DP Metropark, NJ
      4:03 AM DP Trenton, NJ
      4:35 AM AR 4:40AM  DP Philadelphia, PA
      5:06 AM DP Wilmington, DE
      6:10 AM DP Baltimore, MD
      6:25 AM DP BWI Airport
      6:42 AM DP New Carrollton, MD
      6:57 AM: AR Washington DC As Amtrak #67 arrives in Washington DC the faint first early light of the morning welcomes us.  Although you will probably be fast asleep, we have arrived directly into the heart of Washington DC.  Early risers may know there is nothing like watching the sun peek around the dome of the Capitol building dawning in a new day   ...Another chance of a lifetime! Our train will dwell here as Amtrak switches locomotives.
      7:00-9:30 AM: Breakfast served aboard railcars en-route.
      7:30 AM: DP: Washington DC Amtrak #67 "The Federal"
      Departing Washington DC our train immediately is plunged into darkness as we duck into the tunnels on our subterranean route under Washington DC We'll pop back above ground in time to look back at the Capitol in the dawn of early light. Picking up speed our train steps lively over the Potomac River as we race towards Williamsburg.
      7:47 AM DP Alexandria, VA
      8:14 AM DP Quantico, VA
      8:33 AM DP Fredericksburg, VA
      9:17 AM DP Ashland, VA
      9:38 AM AR  9:45 AM DP Richmond, VA Staples Mill
      10:12 AM DP Richmond Main St. Station
      11:15 AM: AR Williamsburg, VA. Alighting from the rail cars, we'll transfer to historic Colonial Williamsburg for an included tour taking us on a journey back to a time in American History, to the eve of the American Revolution! You’ll enjoy an included lunch at King’s Arms Tavern. Alcoholic beverages are passenger settlement. We'll step into the oldest building in Williamsburg, visit a classroom where three presidents of the United States went to school. The tour will make the best use of your time by our guide’s personal introduction of the history, and events of Williamsburg's past, plus interesting stories about persons and events that helped shape our country's history. All is intended to provide an exciting overview of what is available to see and do allowing some time to revisit items of personal interest on your own. Our included guided walking tour of Williamsburg will encompass most of the afternoon.
       5:17 PM: DP Williamsburg, VA Amtrak #66 "The Federal".  With all our travelers back on board, enjoy a complimentary premium beverage and snack in our lounge as the bright vivid colors of fall whisk by our windows!
      5:30 PM (approx.): Dinner served en-route. (First Seating) The crisp fall air and walking tour has created a hearty appetite for all our passengers. While enjoying the colorful fall sights, our first class onboard chef created a delicious feast fit for a President, Bon Appetite!
      6:05 PM DP Richmond, VA – Main St. Station.
      6:30 PM AR 6:35 PM DP Richmond, VA Staples Mill
      6:48 PM DP Ashland, VA
      7:30 PM (approx.)  Second seating for dinner.
      7:33 PM DP Fredericksburg, VA
      7:52 PM DP Quantico, VA
      8:19 PM DP Alexandria, VA. Alexandria is the home of the other Washington Monument. It was the runner up design to the famous one in Washington. The Masons of the USA thought it was such a beautiful design they raised the funds to build it. It is up the hill to the west of the train station. It can be reached by subway from Washington Union Station.
      8:58 PM: AR Washington DC
      Upon arrival in Washington DC our private rail cars making up the Fall Colors Tour will be dropped from our arriving train and will be relocated to our special parking spot, where we will remain until our departure tomorrow. Those passengers who wish to do a little exploring on their own may do so.
      Late Evening: With our Fall Colors Tour train now safely tucked away for the night, you may want to enjoy a night cap in the lounge before retiring.
      Night: Occupy rail cars overnight in Washington DC
      Wednesday,  October 5
      7:30-9:30 AM: Breakfast served aboard railcars while parked in Washington DC
      Lunch will be on your own today.
      After enjoying breakfast onboard, may we suggest you take this opportunity to alight from our railcars and explore Nation's Capitol.  A favorite is the included step-on, step-off trolley tour, which departs just outside the main entrance to the station.
      Tour Washington via included Tourmobile step on step off trolley. Tour has stops at most all major buildings and Arlington Cemetery. 
      Historic Sites that can be seen/visited on Tourmobile step on step off trolley route:
      Arlington Cemetery
      Women in Military Memorial
      Kennedy Family Grave Sites
      Tomb of the Unknown
      Robert E. Lee Mansion
      Lincoln Memorial
      Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial
      Korean War Veterans’ Memorial
      WW II Memorial
      White House/White House Visitors Center
      Washington Monument
      Arts & Industries Building
      Air and Space Museum
      U.S. Botanic Gardens
      West Front of US Capitol
      National Postal Museum
      East Front of US Capitol
      Library of Congress
      Supreme Court
      National Gallery of Art
      National Museum of Natural History
      National Museum of American History
      Bureau of Engraving & Printing
      U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
      Thomas Jefferson* Memorial & Tidal Basin
      Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
      Ford’s Theatre
      FBI Building
      U.S. Navy Memorial
      National Archives
      National Law Enforcement Memorial
      There is also a very interesting “DC Ducks” tour using WWII amphibious vehicles. See Washington DC from the water. Fare about $35.
      Late Afternoon   As our passengers return to our railcars after a pleasant day exploring Washington, DC our staff is ready to quench your thirst with the beverage of your choice and tantalizing snacks should temporarily quell your appetite.  Freshen up; Enjoy a hot invigorating shower to re-energize before this evening's quest.
      Evening:   Enjoy dinner on your own this evening at one of the fine dining restaurants located right in the station or step away to any of the close by great ethnic restaurants. The choice is yours. Bon Appetite! And when you return enjoy that favorite beverage.
      Night:   Occupy railcars overnight parked in Washington DC
      Thursday, October 6
      7:30-9:30 AM: Breakfast served aboard railcars while parked in Washington DC. For those who have slept in, feel free to join us for a scrumptious breakfast  before heading out to see our capitol in its morning glory.
       Note*: Due to switching operations, our private railcars may not be accessible for a few hours. Please plan accordingly.
      3:00 PM (approx.):  Our rail cars will be back in the station ready to re-board. Please check the monitors for the track number assignment (usually track #16) for Amtrak #29 - The Capitol Limited.  Take another stroll down to our lounge for snack and beverage service.  By now, our attentive staff will probably know your preferences and have your favorites waiting for you.
      4:05 PM: DP Washington DC Amtrak #29 - The Capitol Limited. 
      4:29 PM DP Rockville, MD
      5:16 PM DP Harper’s Ferry, WV
      5:30 & 7:30 PM (approx.) 2 seatings.  A tasty dinner will be served en-route as we travel through the Potomac River Valley, Harper's Ferry and other historical cities.
      5:45 PM DP Martinsburg, WV
      7:14 PM AR  7:24 PM Depart Cumberland, MD –
      Home of the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad.
      Evening: Snack and beverage service continues in our lounge until the day's events catch up with you and your body tells you it is time to find that comfy bed you have called home for the last several days.  
      9:47 PM DP Connellsville, PA – famous for coke used in steel making
      Night: Occupy rail cars overnight  enroute. As you rock to sleep to the gentle sway of rail travel, we hope you dream of silver rails and the memorable trip that will soon come to a close.
      11:48 AR  11:59 Depart Pittsburg, PA Famous steel making city now reborn as center for insurance companies and financial institutions.
      Friday, October 7
      1:39 AM DP Alliance, OH (Canton)
      2:53 AM AR 2:59 AM DP Cleveland Lakefront Station
      3:29 AM DP Elyria, OH
      4:02 AM DP Sandusky, OH home of Cedar Park
      5:08 AM AR Toledo, OH
      5:22 AM DP Toledo, OH
      6:30-8:30 AM: Breakfast served on board en-route as we race through the countryside of Ohio and Indiana with the steel mills of northwest Indiana rapidly approach the familiar skyline of Chicago will not be far away. You may take this time to exchange good-byes with your newfound friends.
      6:36 AM DP Waterloo, IN (Ft. Wayne)
      7:29 AM DP Elkhart, IN
      7:51 AM DP South Bend, IN. Note South Shore Interurban tracks and overhead wires to right (east) of our train.
      8:40 AM AR Chicago. Detrain Chicago guests and luggage. Thank you for traveling with American Rail Excursions.  We hope you enjoyed your tour so much we will see you again soon.
      St. Louis Passengers only
      St. Louis passengers have rest of day to dine, tour and shop Chicago. Cars will be moved to Amtrak Yard at Roosevelt and Canal Sts (South of Union Station).
      Evening-  Premium beverages and snacks served in our lounge until 11:00  PM
      St. Louis passengers - Overnight on the private cars B
      Saturday, October 8
      7:00 AM DP Chicago – St. Louis passengers – Private cars attached to Amtrak  #301
      7:30 – 9:30 AM – Breakfast served onboard.
      12:20 PM AR St. Louis – Thank you for traveling with American Rails Excursions, Inc.
      Alternate departure from Chicago due to UP track work.
      1:45 PM DP Chicago - St. Louis passengers – Private cars attached to #21, the Texas Eagl.e
      5:30 PM – Light dinner served enroute
      7:21 PM AR St. Louis - Thank you for traveling with American Rail Excursions, Inc.    

      Private Car Charters - American Rail Excursions, Inc. has Private Rail Cars with professional crews available for charter. Contact Frank Corley at 313-300-8411 or frank@...
      Please call 313-300-8411 or e-mail to frank@... if a brochure or further details are desired.
      Tour will be hosted by Roger Verbeeren, Jr., President of American Rail Excursions, Inc.
      Fares are $2,399 per person, double occupancy in double bedroom; $2,599 per person, single occupancy in single bedroom; $3,899 per person, single occupancy in double bedroom and $3,699 per person, double occupancy in a suite. St. Louis departure is an additional $100 per person. Orders can be placed by calling 313-300-8411.

      Montreal, Quebec & Upper New York Fall Tour
      St. Louis – Chicago - Albany – Montreal – Albany - Chicago –St Louis Roundtrip
      October 25/26 – November 1/2
      Double bedrooms for single or double occupancy are available. Roomettes (single bedrooms) are not available. Call 313-300-8411 to order so you will not be left at the station! 

      This is one of our most popular tours. We have been unable to offer it for a few years but now it is back.  You will enjoy in daylight the very scenic upper New York State, the Hudson River Valley and the Niagara Escarpment.
      While in Montreal you will overnight in the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, located above the train station. You will enjoy two dinners at the Le Montrealis Restaurant, located in the hotel.
      The tour will be hosted by William Butterworth, purveyor of quality private rail car tours for many years.
      Tuesday, October 25
      5:30 PM DP St. Louis – Private cars attached to #306, Lincoln Service
      Passengers enjoy beverages and hors d'oeuvres as we travel to Chicago
      11:10 PM AR Chicago – Overnight on the private cars.
      Wednesday, October 26
      7:30 – 9:30 AM breakfast for St. Louis passengers
      8:30 PM Board private cars in Chicago Union Station. Passengers enjoy beverages and hors d'oeuvres.
      9:30 DP Chicago – Private cars attached to #48 the Lake Shore Limited
      Thursday, October 27
      7:30 – 9:30 AM breakfast enroute
      11:30 – 1:30 Lunch enroute
      2:50 PM AR Albany – Rensselaer, Transfer for dinner at Jack’s Oyster House and overnight at Holiday Inn Express.
      Surprise, Jack’s now serves oysters.
      Friday, October 28
      Included breakfast buffet at Holiday Inn Express
      11:05 AM DP Albany – Rensselaer – Private cars attached to #69, the Adirondack.
      7:10 PM AR Montreal Central Station. Porters/Bell Hops will handle your bag. Limit of one bag per person. Dinner at Le Montrealais Restaurant in hotel. Overnight Queen Elizabeth Hotel above train station. Limit of one bag per person.
      Saturday, October 29  
       Included breakfast at Montrealis Restaurant. Free Day in Montreal. City tours available from Queen Elizabeth Hotel Concierge.  Dinner at Le Montrealis Restaurant. Motor coach transfer to Private Cars
      Sunday, October 30 
      7:30 – 9:30 AM breakfast onboard
      9:30 AM DP Montreal – Private cars attached to #68
      5:40 PM AR Albany – Rensselaer. Motor coach transfer to Jack’s Oyster House for included dinner. Overnight in Holiday Inn Express.
      Monday, October 31
      Included breakfast buffet at Holiday Inn Express
      12:45 PM Passengers board Amtrak #281
      1:00 PM DP Albany – Rensselaer
      2:43 PM AR AR Utica. Passengers disembark train. Fall  Colors tour of Mohawk Valley by tour bus. Dinner at Italian Restaurant.
      8:44 PM DP Utica – Private cars attached to #49 – The Lakeshore. Passengers enjoy beverages and hors d'oeuvres.
      Tuesday November 1, 2011
      7:30 – 9:30 AM breakfast enroute
      9:45 AM AR Chicago
      Wednesday, November 2, 2011
      7:00 AM DP Chicago – Private cars attached to #301
      7:30 – 9:30 AM breakfast enroute
      12:20 PM AR St. Louis
      Tour includes three nights in hotels and four dinners at highly regarded restaurants plus many meals and beverage service onboard.
      You can order this tour by calling 313-300-8411.

      Fares are
      $2,499 per person, double occupancy in double bedroom,
      $3,899 per person, single occupancy in double bedroom and
      $3,899 per person, double occupancy in suite (two bedrooms).
      There is an illustrated itinerary of this tour at http://www.americanrail.com/
      Please click on What’s New

      Rose Bowl Parade Tour in Pasadena, CA
      December 27/28- January 4/5
      San Antonio – Los Angeles - Pasadena – Los Angeles – San Antonio – St. Louis

      Tuesday, December 27,2011
      Chicago, St. Louis and other passengers joining the tour from north of San Antonio.
      1:45 PM DP Chicago Union Station, 225 S. Canal, 60606, on Amtrak #21/421 the Texas Eagle.
      8:00 PM DP St. Louis Amtrak Station, 430 S. 15th St.,63103
      The fare for this segment is not included in your fare for the private cars and must be purchased from Amtrak (We recommend early advance purchase).
      Wednesday, December 28, 2011
      7:00 PM passengers joining the tour in San Antonio: Board the private cars at San Antonio Union Station, 350 Hoefgen St. 78205. Enjoy a Champagne reception and meet your traveling companions.
      Chicago, St. Louis and other passengers joining the tour from north of San Antonio.
      9:55 PM AR San Antonio. Chicago/St. Louis passengers on arriving Amtrak train transfer to the private cars. The reception continues.
      Go to bed while the train is still in the station. During the night our cars are connected to AMTRAK and we depart San Antonio. (R)
      Thursday, December 29, 2011
      5:40 AM DP San Antonio Union Station.
      7:30 – 9:30 AM. Wake to the smells of breakfast being prepared by our private chef. We are already in West Texas! Today we have all day on the train to play games, watch the scenery go by, visit with the other guests, or take a nap. Overnight on the train. (B,L,D)
      Friday, December 30, 2011
      8:30 AM AR Los Angeles. This morning we arrive at Union Station in downtown Los Angeles. Stretch your legs during free time while exploring Olivera Street, which is the oldest settlement in Los Angeles. Today we visit one of the Float Barns to watch thousands of volunteers decorate the floats. The smells and colors of flowers inside the barn will excite the senses!
      Dinner and overnight on the train. (B,D)
      Saturday, December 31, 2011
      Visit the Ronald Reagan Library and take a historical walk down memory lane. See
      a section of the Berlin Wall and pay your respects at his gravesite. In the Air Force
      One Pavilion, you may climb aboard the Presidential plane and see how our past
      leaders traveled. Visit the J. Paul Getty Museum overlooking Los Angeles. This
      museum is so large and boasts so many types of art; everyone tends to explore the area of their own interest. Celebrate New Years on board our dinner boat in the Newport harbor.
      Overnight on the train. (B,D)
      Sunday, January 1, 2012
      The Rose Parade is usually held on January first, except when it falls on a Sunday. With so many churches along the parade route it was agreed the parade would be on Monday. Visit historic Griffith Park. As we travel through the park, we see the famous “HOLLYWOOD” sign. Overlooking Los Angeles, explore the newly refurbished Griffith Observatory. Learn how man has studied the sky and the amazing effects it has on our lives. (B,D)
      Monday, January 2, 2012
      Arrive in plenty of time to get settled in our reserved seating for the spectacular Rose Parade this morning. After watching the floats being decorated a few days ago, what fun it is to see them go by in their completed beauty. Following the parade, it’s time to stretch our legs, and what a great place to do it at the world famous Santa Monica Pier. So many movies were filmed here and it is a great place to just get out and breath fresh sea air. Travel a little further south to the British ship: Queen Mary, now permanently docked in Long Beach. Her maiden voyage was in May of 1936 and was followed by War service from 1940 - 1946. She was removed from British registry and officially turned over ownership to the City of Long Beach on December 11, 1967. Explore her many decks at your own pace before dinner on board in one of her many dining rooms. (B,D)
      Tuesday, January 3, 2012
      Explore the Tar Pits in the town of La Brea. There are still bubbling pools of tar in this area. Learn about the huge dinosaurs discovered in the pits and see some of the massive bones. We will have free time to explore on your own this afternoon. Following dinner at a local restaurant, return to the train for overnight. (B,D)
      Wednesday, January 4, 2012
      Tour Hollywood this morning including a visit to Mann's Chinese Theater. Place your hands and feet in the footprints and hand prints of popular motion picture personalities from the 1920’s to present day. Visit the Roosevelt Hotel where the first Academy Awards ceremony was held. Return to the train for an early afternoon departure.  Please be back on the train by 2:30 PM.
      3:00 PM DP Los Angeles. Dinner will be on the train. (B,D)
      Thursday, January 5, 2012
      Enjoy breakfast at your leisure as we relax on the train all day. The train staff will make up our beds, serve us meals and snacks and then prepare a beverage of choice before dinner.
      9:50 PM Arrive tonight back at San Antonio Amtrak Station and transfer to our homes (San Antonio originating passengers). St. Louis/Chicago passengers may stay on board for tomorrow morning’s departure to the north (B,L,D)
      St. Louis passengers
      Friday, January 6, 2012
      7:00 AM DP San Antonio – Private cars attached to #22, the Texas Eagle
      Saturday, January 7, 2012
      7:19 AM AR St. Louis. Private cars will be detached from the train at St. Louis. Passengers traveling north to Chicago and other points north will need to purchase Amtrak tickets in advance. We recommend Amtrak #22, departing St. Louis at 7:55 PM

      Included: Accommodations on classic art deco stainless steel Budd and Pullman private cars with private sleeping compartments, 19 meals, all of the above listed events, motor coach transportation as needed, all tips, trip insurance, baggage handling.
      Not Included: Meals on your own, personal items. 
      There are 2 types of sleeping compartments: Compartments with upper/lower berths (2 beds, sink and toilet in the compartment) Roomettes have lower berths (1 single bed, sink, toilet and smaller room. In the Pacific Union and Royal Street there are also toilets for general use. Each sleeping car has a shower room for general use.

      You can order this tour by calling 313-300-8411. Fares will be higher than some other tours due to length in days, Amtrak mileage and payments to outside providers.

      American Rail Excursions can be contacted to order or for more information at.
      American Rail Excursions, Inc.
      PO Box 2345
      Dearborn, MI 48123-2345
      Tentative fare is $3,299 per person double occupancy. Single occupancy of a double bedroom, single bedrooms and suites will all be available.
      Checks, VISA, MasterCard & Discover

      Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC
      St. Louis – Chicago – Washington, DC – Chicago – St. Louis
      April 9/10 – 15/16
      This is our most favored tour which we have operated many times. This tour features different routes eastbound and westbound. Eastbound we’ll take the Cardinal route through the Allegheny Mountains and the New River Gorge. Westbound, we’ll take the Capitol route featuring Point of Rocks and the B&O Canal.

      Monday, April 9, 2012
      5:30 PM DP St. Louis – Private cars attached to #306
      Passengers enjoy beverages and hors d'oeuvres as we travel to Chicago
      11:10 PM AR Chicago – Overnight on the private cars.
      Tuesday, April 10
      St. Louis passengers will have the day to explore the Windy City. We recommend the Architectural Tour by boat.
      5:45 PM DP Chicago Union Station – Private cars attached to #50, the Cardinal
      6:30 PM Dinner enroute – two seatings
      Wednesday, April 11
      To your left you will see the mighty Ohio River
      7:30 – 9:30 AM Breakfast enroute
      Enjoy the New River Gorge – the Grand Canyon of the East.
      11:30 – 1:30 Lunch enroute
      As we approach Washington you will enjoy seeing the historic structures in use since Colonial Days.
      6:06 PM AR Washington
      Thursday,  April 12
      7:30 – 9:30 AM Breakfast onboard
      Sightsee Washington – Included two day step on step off trolley that takes you to most all popular attractions. Lunch and dinner are on your own today while touring.
      Friday, April 13
      7:30 – 9:30 AM Breakfast onboard. Continue sightseeing; there is so much to see and enjoy and you have a two day ticket. Lunch and dinner are on your own today while touring.
      Saturday,  April 14
      10:00 AM - View Cherry Blossom Parade
      4:05 PM DP Washington – Private cars attached to #29 the Capitol Limited
      6:30 PM Dinner begins enroute – Two seatings
       Sunday, April 15
      6:30 – 8:30 AM Breakfast enroute
      8:45 AM AR Chicago
      Monday, April 16, 2012
      7:00 AM DP Chicago – Private cars attached to #301
      7:30 – 9:30 AM breakfast enroute
      12:20 PM AR St. Louis

      You can order this tour by calling 313-300-8411. Fares are subject to revision:
      $2,199 per person, double occupancy in double bedroom,
      $2,399 per person  in single bedroom (roomette)
       $3,599 per person, single occupancy in double bedroom and
      $3,599 per person, double occupancy in suite (two bedrooms) and
      $9,999 for the dome car deluxe suite (not per person, but for the room).
      $100 additional per person for St. Louis boarding.
      You can use checks, money orders, VISA, MasterCard and Discover for payment.

      The exact dates, details and pricing for these will be posted to our website  www.americanrail.com  as soon as all details are worked out. To receive notice by e-mail or US Mail, please contact us at 313-300-8411 or e-mail to frank@... and advise which tours you would like to enjoy.
      National Police Memorial Tour
      St. Louis – Chicago – Washington Roundtrip
      May 11/12 – 18/19
      Events centered around May 15, National Police Day
      Annual memorial to law enforcement officers who have fallen in the line of duty.
      Viet Nam Veterans Memorial Tour to Washington
      25th Anniversary Rolling Thunder
      San Antonio – Washington Roundtrip
      May 20/21 – May 30/June 1
       3 – 4 nights in Washington from San Antonio. Key date in Washington is May 27.
      The Northern Arrow
      St. Louis – Chicago – Petoskey, MI Roundtrip
      July 31/August 1 – August 6/7
      It has been five years since we have been able to offer this tour to the Petoskey, MI on the northeastern shores of beautiful Lake Michigan. This beautiful resort city was once served by three railroads. Just a couple of the attractions are the Polish Festival and Mackinac Island.
      Civil War History Tour
      St. Louis – Chicago – New Orleans – Washington – Chicago – St. Louis
      September 5 – 16, 2012
      This year’s tour was a total sell out with five cars. New route and attractions for 2012.   St. Louis – Chicago – New Orleans with layover and touring of Civil War sites - Washington, DC with layover and touring of Civil War sites  – Chicago – St. Louis. Will have arrival day + 2 days in New Orleans.
      New Orleans Jazz & More Jazz
      St. Louis – Chicago – New Orleans Roundtrip
      Exact timing to be determined. Probably the first or second week of August. This tour will feature live musical entertainment onboard.
      Best regards,
      Frank Corley
      Marketing Manager
      American Rail Excursions, Inc.
      PO Box 2345
      Dearborn, MI 48123-2345

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