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Fwd: Annual Meeting 9/28/02.

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      > Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Members held on September 28, 2002
      > Location: City of Milwaukee in Manistee
      > The meeting was called to order by President Duane Nugent at 4:00 PM.
      > President Duane Nugent gave a review of the highlights of the year
      > since the last meeting of members in September of 2001.
      > From a financial standpoint the past year was very difficult. The major
      > contributor to this poor financial performance was the location of the
      > ship. It is difficult to find unless you are familiar with Manistee.
      > To correct this situation the emphasis of the Board was to find a new
      > location. Many sights were reviewed but none were available to the
      > Society. In the Spring of 2002 it was brought to the Board's attention
      > that the Moonlite Motel, located on Highway 31 on the North end of
      > Manistee, might be available for purchase. The location is excellent
      > with good exposure to Highway 31 and good docking on Lake Manistee with
      > adequate water depth. The property has a marina and RV park as well as
      > a motel.
      > The asking price was $1.300.000. After several months of negotiation an
      > agreement of sale was entered into at a price of $900,000, subject to
      > The Society obtaining a loan from the USDA in the area of $1.250,000 to
      > cover purchase of the motel, moving the ship and upgrading certain
      > facilities at the site.
      > An application was submitted to USDA in September after the Society and
      > the project were deemed acceptable by the USDA. We did not get approval
      > for 2002 funding and we are waiting to see if we are approved for 2003
      > funding.
      > Reports by Roger Griner, Jim Kelly, Kirk Lorenz, Jed Jaworski and
      > Richard Taber dealing with their area of responsibility were made.
      > Volunteer recognition certificates were awarded by Duane Nugent and Jed
      > Jaworski.
      > Duane Nugent then called for nominations to fill the five vacancies on
      > the Board of Directors. Six nominations were made:
      > Bill Herd, Kirk Lorenz, Roger Griner, Pat Brandon, Colleen Foster, and
      > Richard Taber.
      > The voting was very close. The inspectors of election certified that
      > Herd, Lorenz, Griner, Brandon and Foster were elected.
      > President Nugent then asked for volunteers to serve on various
      > committees for the coming year. The committees were Ways & Means,
      > Restoration, and Museum Planning. Several members volunteered.
      > The next order of business was the breakup of the meeting into four
      > groups with the charge to consider what each group thought the vision of
      > Society should be over the next year and out five years and ten years.
      > The groups spent 20 minutes on this project and each made a presentation
      > of the group vision to the meeting. A summary of the visions is
      > attached.
      > The meeting adjourned to a potluck supper at 6:30 PM.
      > James B. Kelly, Secretary
      > 1. All four groups mentioned that an appropriate name is a priority.
      > Historic Landmark, railroad connection, good logo, historic car ferry,
      > and attractive signage were all mentioned.
      > 2.Three of groups wanted the appearance of the boat improved as well as
      > the site itself.
      > 3. Two groups thought a professional management team was very
      > important. The team should be experienced in running a motel and RV
      > park as well as the museum aspects of the ship. Consider subcontracting
      > the motel, RV park, and marina operation.
      > 4. Two groups thought the apron and car deck were important to show how
      > the ship actually operated.
      > 5. Other priorities included:
      > -Mannequins to show what the crew did at duty spots.
      > -Shore based package boiler to allow operation of steam driven
      > auxiliaries.
      > -Offer package deals with tour companies
      > -Elevator or chair lift
      > -Get retired seaman to help in promoting the ship and fund raising
      > -Give questionnaires to Chamber of Commerce
      > -Nostalgia-dancing on deck-mystery weekends.
      > -Adequate parking
      > -Group conferences on board.
      > -Upgrade motel for higher paying guests. Exit motel business when
      > finances permit.

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