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cross lake pulpwood

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    Hi everyone: Just a snip from the Soo Line group on Yahoo. I though you might be interested. Roger Kujawa - Morton, Il. ark@bwsys.net Advertise the Carferry
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2002
      Hi everyone:

      Just a snip from the Soo Line group on Yahoo. I though you might be

      Roger Kujawa - Morton, Il.

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      Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 23:07:40 -0500
      From: Chris
      Subject: Pulpwood: cross-lake

      Lots of interesting reading on pulpwood...have enjoyed it.

      While most of Michigan's pulpwood industry was located in the UP there was
      least some traffic generated in the lower peninsula. The mention of the
      gons reminded me of seeing these cars in the mid-1970's being loaded at
      Yard in Cadillac on the Ann Arbor. I also have a couple of B/W photos of
      53-foot Soo gons loaded with pulpwood sitting in the yard at Elberta. Also
      recall a photo in Stan Mailer's GBW book of a westbound AA train with at
      least 3
      loaded pulpwood gons in the mid-1960's. Apparently the rates would
      sometimes be
      favorable enough to ship some pulpwood west across on the carferries (bet it
      fun to have those cars aboard in rough weather).

      Regarding train consists: I have been working on a large pile of manifest
      from the Ann Arbor carferries. They provide a wealth of modeling
      information as
      well...car numbers, commodities, shipper name and location, consignee name
      location, and routing information. I've been making monthly summaries of
      commodities and percentages of each RR's cars from these lists. Some months
      for trips between Elberta and Kewaunee, others are for trips between Elberta
      Manitowoc (both Soo and CNW). Most of these are from the period 1971 -
      1982...would really like to see some from the 50's and 60's.



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      Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 22:34:35 -0600
      From: "Keith
      Subject: Re: Pulpwood: cross-lake

      Craig: The only thing I can tell you about some of the Commodities the
      Soo Fed to the Annie At Manitowoc: In 1960 my Dad took the Operator's Job at
      Manitowoc, and his duties involved doing the IDP work there, which included
      the Interchange Reports between AA, C&O & the C&NW. Only two of the items
      Dad told me of that the Soo sent eastwards on the likes of ANN ARBOR No. 5 &
      ANN ARBOR No. 7 the stick in my addled mind were Carloads of Printing Paper
      for the Toledo BLADE, from Consolidated Papers, and Covered Hopper Cars/Box
      Cars of Rice for Kelloggs in Battle Creek.

      He did mention Pulpwood moving off AA onto the Soo, and I think those
      cars were destined for the Paper Mills in the Fox Valley, if I'm not

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