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  • steve johnson
    Apr 20, 2014
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      Hi Joel
      Happy Easter!
      The slips in Detroit and Windsor are built just like the lake ferry slips l(like the 2 AA slips in Frankfort) with the exception that they are both aimed down river. I think there are pictures of the Windsor, Detroit, Manitowoc, Landsdowne and Huron river ferries in Hiltons book. Maybe even more.  
      Hope this helps
      On Sunday, April 20, 2014 11:43 AM, "mec-bml@..." <mec-bml@...> wrote:
      GREETINGS AND A BLESSED EASTER TO ALL: I have a modeling question,the railroad ferries operated across the Detroit River to Winsdor,anyone have data on what the landings on either side looked like(need data for modeling in HO scale)I have the Hilton book on the CarFerries but in those books no details on the landings and since there not tidal(like in NY Harbor)they have to be of a different type(which I have no knowledge of).....
      Thanks for any help
      Joel Norman--Missouri

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