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7235Re: [carferry] Badger Boiler Issues - tubes?

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  • Michael Kehoe
    Sep 21, 2013
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      I think this issue has been exhausted and beginning to get hostile. Since we're all on the same side, in the larger sense (pro Badger), why don't we all agree to shake hands and give it a rest.


      On Sat, Sep 21, 2013 at 12:21 PM, Michael McGuire <mdmcguire@...> wrote:

      Trying to have a discussion or dialogue with someone who has only one point is useless and unenlightening for anyone else in this group.

      Saying that the Badger has had boiler or other mechanical problems and listing the few that the vessel has had over the last 13 years is pointless - and that's damaging for someone who has only one point. The Badger HAS had eight, now nine, instances of mechanical problems since 2000 that have interfered with sailing schedules No one has denied that. Lake Express has mechanical or sea state problems that interfered with sailing schedules virtually every year that it has been in operation. Cancelled sailings for the Lake Express - for short or extended periods - are virtually part of the norm. Lake Express has had many, many more cancelled sailings than the Badger. (And has sailed often when most every passenger gets sick due to the action of the vessel in the waves, but that's another point. Anyone interested should read the scathing Yelp reviews on rough passages/cancelled sailings at: http://www.yelp.com/biz/lake-express-milwaukee).*

      The initial point I made in an earlier post was that stuff breaks (or Lake conditions exceed what the vessels or passengers can be expected to tolerate). It happens a lot more to Lake Express than to the Badger, but it happens to both vessels. The real point is how the respective operators handle it. To quote myself: 

      " Stuff breaks. Hiding it and denying it is not good for a ferry company's public image. Compare and contrast."

      The entire point of my earlier comment was the treatment of customers, in particular, and the public when the inevitable problems DO occur. It wasn't about if one vessel or the other breaks down or can't sail. That record speaks for itself. What the operators do when that happens is the most important concern.

      Which operator treats customers/passengers, potential customers and the pubic better insofar as notification, openness and transparency? Hands down, it's LMC and the Badger.

      The on-line customer review sites rate the Badger at 4.5 to 5 stars on a 5 star scale. The Lake Express rates 3 out of 5.

      Michael D. McGuire
      Grand Rapids, MI

      *One of many such reviews of the Lake Express: "Cancelled Without Notice! I was supposed to take the ferry from Muskegon to Milwaukee on a Friday afternoon. Just as I was about to leave, I received a robo call informing me that the trip had been canceled due to high winds. I was bummed but fortunate I hadn't started traveling yet. I rescheduled for Saturday morning. Before I left I checked my phone for any robo messages warning me about a cancellation and there were none. I checked Lake Express's website and nothing was posted and nothing had been sent to my email box. I tried calling the office to verify I was good to go, but the office wouldn't be open until 9 AM the time I needed to be there to catch a 10:15 departure. After a 3 hour drive from Detroit, I arrived at the ferry dock in Muskegon only to learn that no ferries were scheduled to leave and that they had canceled everything the night before. I wish Lake Express would have done more to inform me of the cancellation so I wouldn't have traveled to Muskegon. The S.S. Badger does a much better job at posting cancellations to their websites so anyone can easily know if the ferry is leaving or not."


      Michael E. Kehoe
      836 - 65th Street
      #2 (Upper)
      Kenosha, WI 53143-5038

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