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7227Badger Boiler Issues - tubes?

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  • Michael McGuire
    Sep 20, 2013
      Isn't it refreshing that the Badger is open, honest and transparent as to when and why it isn't sailing? Not like some operations. Kudos to the management for keeping customers and others informed. 

      Not so much with the Lake Express with its engine problems in July when the ferry was out of service for more than a week. 

      And the interruption of service in 2011 - also in late July and early August. Which followed an earlier engine failure in April which, in total, took the vessel out of service for more than 30 days in that season.

      Not to mention numerous cancelled Lake Express sailings in 2012 (mostly July-September) due to either "mechanical problems" or "choppy waters" depending on who one believes. 

      Stuff breaks. Hiding it and denying it is not good for a ferry company's public image. Compare and contrast.

      Michael D. McGuire
      Grand Rapids, MI

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