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  • Nancy Keith
    Sep 18, 2013
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      Thanks, Lee Barber.  Do you have the Durbin email address?  Maybe he should read your report...

      Unfortunately, first of all.... he has to care.

      As they say, "His mind is made up.  Don't confuse him with facts".

      And there was yet another story on the media today about the newest finding of Asian carp... didn't catch whether it was in Lake Michigan or one of its tributaries, but it was obviously advancing.  Once those monsters hit The Big Lake.... devastation.  No more fishing industry and the resulting fall-out from that.

      And he can prevent that!  But does he care?  That is not putting money into his own pockets, so no.  He doesn't.

      Maybe we should tell him that those Asian carp are going to eat up his little catamaran and make the whole Badger issue a moot point for him.  No catamaran, no profit.  And no Badger to fall back on for all those people who just don't WANT to take their cars and turbine parts through Chicago...


      On 9/18/2013 11:23 PM, Lee Barber wrote:
      Hey Nancy... Will this do?
      Now that the Badger has been targeted as the culprit of the coal-ash problem somehow all the liberal tree-huggers have rallied behind Sen. Dick Durbin and have blamed the entire problem solely on the S.S. Badger. This entire episode has taken this political football and has the EPA interested all the way to the Senate floor. Not once in his speeches did Sen. Durbin make mention that that the Badger wasn’t the only boat on the Lakes that began this problem but it seems he has a personal vendetta against the Lake Michigan Carferry itself. Despite the stupidity he spouts forth on the senate floor with all of his pretty charts and graphs in a senatorial dog and pony show he has failed again to think about the history of the Lake Michigan car ferry service itself. Using his own figures and on his own charts and accounting for the following carferrys; The Three Boats of the C&O, (S.S. City Midland, S.S. Spartan S.S. Badger) the Eleven boats of the Pere Marquette,(S.S. Pere Marquette 15 S.S. Pere Marquette 16 S.S. Pere Marquette 17 S.S. Pere Marquette 18I S.S. Pere Marquette 18II S.S. Pere Marquette 19 S.S. Pere Marquette 20 S.S. Pere Marquette 21 S.S. Pere Marquette 22 S.S. City of Saginaw 31 S.S. City of Flint 32) The Three boats of the Ann Arbor R.R.(not sure of the designation) and the Three boats of the Grand Trunk, (S.S. Grand Rapids S.S. A.K. Atkinson SS City of Milwaukee) and factoring in his very own facts and figures of the amount of coal ash dispersed by them and over time it must now be possible to walk across Lake Michigan and never get your feet wet. If I trust my calculator, that figures out at 500 tons per boat at around 10,000 million tons. What say yea now Sen. Dick? This fool wants to solve the problem of just one Carferry but what he seems to forget is that this policy of dumping coal-ash into the Great Lakes has gone on for over one hundred years. Now that he has the Badger in his sights, he forgets that the original owner of the S.S. Badger was ordered by the Pere Marquette Railroad and they have run ships a crossed and up and down the lakes since 1897. To this liberal butthead I say, go back to something import and you know what you are talking about rather than blathering about a situation you have no business being in. Without even mentioning the Lake speeder who desperately wants to shutdown the competition and pointing fingers towards Ludington to sink the Badger once and for all. Not one word about the problem in his own state about the “Asian Carp” that will flow into the Great Lakes through Illinois rivers that threaten the very lively hood of the fishing sports and industry that no one has yet to address. If this Senator is so concerned about the pollution of the Badger why not look into the dangers of his own state where he seems totally indifferent to the problems of Illinois pollution, sewage and refinery waste flowing into Lake Michigan. If it were possible I would like to say to this politician, “If you don’t learn from history, you will never learn anything.” I certainly hope this situation resolves itself before stupidity ruins the last piece of Lake Michigan Carferry history.

      From: Nancy Keith <keithnancy@...>
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      Where's my "Like" button!!

      There's so much truth in this posting.  (I know from personal experience that they either don't respond or just regurgitate what they have already lied.)

      Give me facts, not agenda-driven bilge! 


      On 9/16/2013 12:58 PM, B. Tad Dunville wrote:
      Michael McGuire writes: "Most of the "big city" journalism is rewrites of interest group propaganda and most of the on-line material IS interest group propaganda. Neither have much trace of attempting to look at both sides. "

      This is a great point. If you go back and read the Chicago Trib articles, it's very hard to find much in the way of facts. In other words, it's very hard to find a cited number, especially one that's put in perspective. It's a lot of big scary words. They might as well hire Tom Clancy to start writing these articles, and throw a little KGB espionage in, because it's got little basis in fact.

      Also, try writing the newspaperman who writes these articles. He won't argue the points with you, it's like arguing with a child. He just keeps positing his opinion. 


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