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7219Re: [carferry] Re: Durbin vs. the Badger

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  • jEFF Bittner
    Sep 13, 2013
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      The Badger is undertaking interstate commerce.  Therefore as with railroad federal law supersedes state law & city ordinance in interstate commerce.  ie Washington D.C. passed a law ordinance that did not allow hazardous materials to be shipped through the city, because these were interstate shipments the law could not be enforced.   I wonder to what degree that muddies the effect of state law, also any treaties with Canada that pertain to the Great Lakes also supersede state and federal laws. 

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      > I am trying to find out how your post proves the Outer Boundary
      > Article is inaccurate or as you say, If memory serves the magazine > is offering a cash reward to any one who can prove any of it didn't
      > happen. You should try to collect it, if you have some inside
      > knowledge.

      From Outer Boundary (a nice summation of your ongoing misinformation efforts on behalf of LMC)

      "When you demonize something long enough, it wears down the public's willingness to logically look at a situation and eventually succumb to those who are economical with the truth."

      Working with help from LMC, Outer Boundary makes the following claim:

      "This is shown by the group's (Save our Great Lakes) loose interpretation of tow legal documents, the Watercraft Pollution Control Act of 1970 and the Michigan Supreme Court in the case Lake Carriers' Association v. Director, DNR 407 Mich. 424 (1979). The groups claim is the Act of 1970 prohibited the discharge of any material into Michigan waters and the Michigan Supreme Court ruled coal ash was included ... neither claim was accurate" -- see Outer Boundary Magazine, page 10, Spring 2013.

      The problem with Outer Boundary's assertion is that it simply is not true. The EPA public comment files provide ample evidence of Michigan state law violations - an issue that LMC has been all too happy to address through proxies like Krueger/Outer Boundary and yourself. Deflect, attack, insult, deny, attack some more - all in an effort to wear down the public and distract them from the real issues.

      In the end, none of it matters if LMC continues to refuse reasonable requests and instead chooses to pursue gimmicks and political favors.

      With regard to Michigan state law violations, see:

      With regard to the challenge and the reward, feel free to keep your money.

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