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7216Re: Durbin vs. the Badger

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  • B. Tad Dunville
    Sep 13, 2013
      Vanousterhout said:

      "The whole thing is just a long line of half-truths, schemes and stunts and self-inflicted consequences. "

      Funny, it seems like your post and the entire Durbin/EPA/Lake Express war is the exact same. I was recently reminded of the anti-badger/anti-business/anti-jobs scheme when I read Vladimir Putin's half-truthed KGB-esque propaganda piece in the NY Times. 

      It's interesting to see that if those folks would just concentrate on their own ferry and their own state, how much better off things would be for them as well as others. Same with Putin. Dude, fix Russia. Fix Chicago. Fix your high speed ferry that's not running this AM. 

      Vanousterhout, if you don't like the Badger, why are you here? This is not a place for such opinion. It's a private group celebrating the ferries of the Great Lakes. 

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