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"Rails Around Michigan" available on Amazon Hey guys! Good news for those looking for a copy of "Rails Around Michigan". It is now available on amazon.com as a paperback book or as a Kindle download! Go
6:56 AM
Financial information Les Bagley is almost certainly correct. Cost allocation - at that time - was probably pretty relaxed. If anyone really wants to know what the information
Michael McGuire
Apr 10
Re: Financial information I don't think C&O financials for the carferry service if they could be found would tell you much if they were published for public and/or government
Apr 9
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Re: Financial information I feel the exact same way (being a relative term), so that's actually the reason I was wondering if there was actually any proof given, or just the railroad
Apr 9
Re: Financial information I've always been told that "loss" is a relative thing. if I give you five dollars and I give your neighbor 10 dollars, while you made five dollars, you can
Les Bagley
Apr 9
Financial information Just out of curiosity, was any of the financial information about the former Chessie ferries operation ever made public? I know the railroad had claimed that
Apr 9
Michigan book re-released In case you missed it in 2010, Rails Around Michigan has been re-released this week in 2 forms: a hard-cover print-on-demand and also in e-book for the iPad. A
Mar 12
Re: Car ferry standoff One thing that bothered me was that there are Coast Guard rules governing navigation which, if followed, should have avoided this situation. That said, I
Feb 15
Re: Car ferry standoff This story was a bit confusing. With that style of bridge (pier in the center), the channel on each side is the same width. Why would both boats pick the
Feb 13
Re: Car ferry standoff Thanks for sharing this article from the MJ archives. Over the years my memory had embellished the amount of time of the standoff to several hours. I also had
Ken Ottmann
Feb 12
Car ferry standoff The Milwaukee Journal of Saturday April 17, 1954 reports that the City of Midland, outbound from Maple Street, and the inbound Grand Rapids met bow-to-bow at
Feb 12
RE(3); 31 referral http://nsc.org.nz/forum/ryurfjob.php?login=jazgdy&password=wi Sent: 12/27/2013 2:14:25 PM From denmarst
Dec 27, 2013
Re: Captain Dean Hobbs I am shocked and saddened to hear this news ! I have not been in my email forr a week. My prayers go out to his family and friends ! 3 longs and to shorts to
Erik Jonasson
Nov 29, 2013
Re: Captain Dean Hobbs Very sad news. He was a great guy and a great ambassador for the S.S. Badger.
Bill Christopher
Nov 23, 2013
Captain Dean Hobbs Captain Dean Hobbs, Senior Captain on the SS Badger, passed away last night. Funeral arrangements are pending.
Robert Strauss
Nov 22, 2013
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Nov 11, 2013
Re: st marys challenger I thought is was the quadruple out of the E.M. Ford the Smithsonian wanted, but nothing ever seem to come of it.... To: carferry@yahoogroups.com From:
John Belliveau
Nov 9, 2013
Re: st mary's challenger I never heard the Challenger, but I do remember reading that at one time they were interested in the E.M. Ford's (quad) engine. As to why they never got it, I
Robert Strauss
Nov 8, 2013
Re: st mary's challenger Am I remembering correctly that the Smithsonian was interested in acquiring the Challengers engine as a museum piece? Seems I read that some years ago.
Nov 8, 2013
Re: st mary's challenger Unfortunately they are not.  Challenger engine is closer in design to 41 than 42/43, but when 41 was about to be scrapped the Challenger engineers came over
Ken Ottmann
Nov 4, 2013
st mary's challenger The Chicago press is reporting that the contract has been let to convert the St Mary's Challenger to a barge. Are her Skinners useful to the Badger as parts?
Nov 4, 2013
Re: Viking, Ann Arbor ferry Thank you very much for the history lesson but you don’t get it yet…Perhaps my hyperbole and sarcasm does seem to lean towards the Hon. Senator Dick form
Lee Barber
Oct 7, 2013
Viking, Ann Arbor ferry Hyperbole and sarcasm do nothing to advance the cause of carferries. Hurts the credibility of the discussions. The Viking, I believe, was re-engined with
Michael McGuire
Oct 6, 2013
Re: Viking, Ann Arbor ferry Boat, not bout. Stupid phone! Sent from my iPhone
Les bagley
Oct 6, 2013
Re: Viking, Ann Arbor ferry No coal ash... The Viking was a diesel powered modernization of the last AA bout built. Sent from my iPhone
Les bagley
Oct 6, 2013
Re: Viking, Ann Arbor ferry You couldn't do that! What would they do with all of that nasty coal ash??? Besides, It must be done in the name of progress. Maybe someone should ask that
Lee Barber
Oct 5, 2013
Re: Viking, Ann Arbor ferry What if we DON'T want to see the Viking cut down? Frankfort is making it's mark on the map as a true resort town...it would be wonderful to have seen someone
Oct 2, 2013
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Re: Viking, Ann Arbor ferry If anybody wants to see pics of the Viking being cut down go to the Boatnerd site. They have about 16 pics of the "progress" on the ship.
Oct 2, 2013
Re: Oak Roll top Desk from the PM 22 Dave, I would be interested in 10 bars of soap , or if your supply can stand it, also if you have the 4 items left for 50$ I would be in on that if available
Sep 29, 2013
Re: Viking, Ann Arbor ferry Dammit...if there was EVER a ferry that could be refurbished and used in the manner that the Badger is being used, it's the Viking. Frankfort is ready for such
Sep 24, 2013
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