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Re: [carcarfamilies] Welcome, Niña

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  • n i ñ a =)
    oh wow..that s great..i ll make sure that they get your greetings..tito linny (antolin) is still in carcar..mommy is in manila.. Divinagracia
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 2, 2007
      oh wow..that's great..i'll make sure that they get your greetings..tito linny (antolin) is still in carcar..mommy is in manila..

      Divinagracia <vcdivinagr@...> wrote:
      Hi Nina! My maiden name is Vilma Cong and our house is right next to the convent in Carcar. Your Uncle Antolin was my classmate in highschool, and your mother might have been my sister Vivian's classmate in hs as well. Please send our regards to them.

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      From: Peary Aleonar Jr. <vipaleonar@gmail. com>
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      Subject: [carcarfamilies] Welcome, Niªª¡Þa

      We have a new member Niña Misuela. She's the daughter of Liliosa
      Cacafranca. She' s carrying the heavy load for the
      Alfafara-Sarmiento- Cacafranca families. She also may be one of those
      who didnt know we're all related on the Alegado side. hahaha. Many of us
      just found that out not too long ago ourselves.

      Welcome, Niña. We hope to hear from you.

      Vip Aleonar, moderator

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