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Re: Foldidng props

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  • vargapj@aol.com
    I have had a Gori folding prop on my boat for about 8 years now. Not a single issue with it. The boat performs well under power both forward and reverse.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2007
      I have had a Gori folding prop on my boat for about 8 years now.  Not a single issue with it.  The boat performs well under power both forward and reverse.  I have heard that some people have problems with folding props in reverse, but mine has never been a problem.  I clean and lube it when the boat is out of the water and that's it.  Michigan Propeller is a dealer for Gori.
      The one question that seems to bring some debate is whether to leave your transmission in gear or neutral while sailing.  I leave mine in neutral and with the folding prop it does not rotate except when I'm sailing at 10 knots or higher (got your attention here didn't I).
      Coupe of other comments:  I sail in fresh water (Colorado) and have had great luck with VC-17M.  No noticeable change in performance from the beginning to the end of the season.  Easy to maintain. Very easy to apply.
      This past summer I had to replace the starter on the Universal M2-12.  One of the ways you can tell if it might be the starter is when you push on the start button and get no response until you press it about three times. The folks at Lakewood Yacht service helped me diagnose my problem.
      It took me hours to get it out because I did not have the right tools with me and my boat is hours from my primary residence (10 minutes from my cabin but no tools there).  If you have to replace the starter , please be aware that you'll do well to get some of the small 1/4" socket drivers that have the swivel connectors.  You'll also need some extensions to get to the bolts.  While it took me hours and lots of cuss words to take it out, I put it all together in about 30-40 minutes because I had the right tools.  I sent my starter to Lakewood Yacht Service in Seabrook, TX (281-474-2885).  They are knowledgeable and turned my starter around within the week. They are an authorized Universal dealer. Also be careful to label everything when disassembling.  I took pictures to be sure.
      Pete Varga
      Satin Sheets #147
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