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Re: [capri26] Bimini. Cost $344.00 iboat.com

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  • Ted Wright
    So after some sickness and then strong winds, I finally got the boat floated; and then installed my bimini too.  I went with the 54 height, and the 91 -96
    Message 1 of 7 , Jun 24, 2012
    So after some sickness and then strong winds, I finally got the boat floated; and then installed my bimini too.  I went with the 54" height, and the 91"-96" width.  I do not plan to sail with it open, just use when anchored or when attached to the mooring.  So I wanted it as tall and wide as I coud get it.  I thought I would then cut down to the height I needed to clear the boom.  But I also wanted it out of the way (closed up) when sailing.  And I just made a couple of stern perch seats, and so didn't want the closed up bimini interfering with sitting in those seats.  I was messing around with location mounting to deck, but when closing it up it just wasn't ending up high enough.  Then I remembered Richard's setup (with the long strut forward, and the short struts to the aft) and his comment about how the frame actually raises up.  And so I flipped it around, and low and behold I had the clearance closed I was looking for.  Hope to use it during the week of the 4th.  Unfortunately, teal is not an exact color copy of 20 year old faided aquamarine sail covers.  Oh well.  I paid about $500 from Overtons, but I got a stainless steel frame, it was on sale, and they also had free shipping.  I gotta learn how to make the attached pics show right up in the email like Ralph!  - Ted  

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    You all got me interested.  I did it the least expensive way.  Ordered it Thursday arrived Friday. Took an hour to install. Size is 79. Wide. 36 tall. 6 foot long
    Ralph. Buckeye Boston 
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    Thanks Bob.  You have been a very valuable source of useful and accurate information.  

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    Sorry to hear the news, good luck selling.


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    Sadly, due to family health we are selling "Wild Hare." Asking $20,000. She is a well cared for fin Keel with diesel inboard on a trailer at Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard, CA.(Just Northwest of Los Angeles.

    Please share this information with your sailing friends.


    Len and Char Cole
    (661) 252-3766

    This link takes you to a comprehensive description and equipment list:

    Here is a link to the craigslist listing:


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