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91Re: [capri26] We found a new sail

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  • Bob Unkel
    Jul 6, 2007
      Re: [capri26] We found a new sail On 6/25/07 4:33 PM, "Mary Kinnunen and Jeff Eaton" <iceout@...> wrote:


      I contacted Ullman Sails in CA (we were told at our marina that they
      made the Capri's original sails) via two emails and one phone message.
      No reply. So I called one of the lofts. A young child answered and said
      his father was "busy." Having owned a business with a small child in
      tow I get it. But I moved on and found Scott  Gibbs at the Ullman
      Chesapeake Bay loft. I faxed him the measurements we took on the boat
      rigging and hardware and he got back to me two hours later with a
      quote. We now have a new Genoa ordered to be shipped NEXT WEEK for
      $1117. 80. 135%, UV protection, made to fit our CDI 6 furler.

      I got a couple quotes from other companies but the prices were higher
      or the sails were not US-made or the turnaround time was longer.

      In the meantime, we had our original, torn sail patched with new Dacron
      and re-sewed for $135 at our local canvas repair shop so we'll have a
      good backup. The seamstress said some of the thread had "rotted." Our
      main was replaced in 1999 so we should be in good shape sail-wise...

      Thanks all for your help!

      Mary and Jeff


          When I visited Catalina factory many moons ago, they had their own sail loft. Glad you got a replacement in such short order.

      Bob Unkel
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