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90Re: [capri26] Sails and sail maker

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  • Bob Unkel
    Jul 6, 2007
      Re: [capri26] Sails and sail maker On 6/24/07 11:42 PM, "Jim Long" <longjim@...> wrote:


      I should have listened to your sage advice Mr. Unkle for this weekend,  in 20-25kts,  I tore my main along the reef line.     Oh well, there goes my almost 20 year old sail.      (Lesson learned – Listen to the weather report BEFORE going out).    There was a small craft advisory at Point Heuneme (That’s up by Santa Barbara) but I never thought that it would reach all the way down to San Diego Bay.  (The whitecaps were about 3-5’ high in the South Bay! )          SO,  long story short,   all of this sail replacement talk turns out to be prophetically timely.   

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          My two cents on heavy wind sailing would be to go with what you can most easily handle. Generally the boat handles better with both Main and a Jib or Storm Sail. I know from the experience of sinking a Millimeter in Lake Michigan that I should have been flying just the jib rather than just the main as I broached while running down wind and had no way of getting the main down. If I had just the jib up I could have just let if flog to de-power enough to go from downwind to a reach.
          I also think you don’t fight weather helm as much if you just fly a Jib in heavy weather. But if you have a roller furling system it is much easier to just roll up the jib/genoa when the wind starts to pipe up rather than put a reef in the main.
          Having our Capri 26 “Impulsive” out in heavy wind, I’ll bet you have a great ride with a reefed main and the 90% jib! I think our boats really like to put a ‘bone in her teeth’.  Much more fun than flopping around in light  winds and motorboat chop.

      Bob Unkel
      On 6/18/07 5:31 PM, "vargapj@..." <vargapj@...> wrote:


      Just my two cents on the issue of sails:
      I have an Ullman full batten main and an Ullman 90% Jib.  I have been very happy with their quality and how the sails have held up.  I also dealt with the Ullman of Ventura, CA. Both sails are in their 4th season of sailing.  In case anyone wonders why the 90% Jib:  where I sail (Lake Granby, CO), the afternoon winds often hit up in the 30's (last weekend going between 25- 33, hit 40 once) and the boat does very well on reefed main and the 90%...... easily exceeding hull speed.
      One question I do have for the group is this:  I have always felt, if necessary to sail with only one sail up, that it was better to sail with just the main.  I see quite a few boats sailing with just the jib or Genoa.  Is there really a better way to do the one sail thing?
      Pete Varga
      Satin Sheets 148

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          Whoops, hope our talking about new sails didn’t start a rash of problems!  I would also vote for a loose footed sail, much better shape.  With all the good lofts in your area, I would suspect you can work a good deal.

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