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43Re: [capri26] Re: How Much Play is too much play?

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  • Tom Black
    Apr 20, 2007
      Hello Bob - I had a chance to measure the play in the rudder at the tip finally. The deflection fore and aft is 3/16" and total deflection starboard to port is 1/4". In both cases the movement is 1/2 the total, IE. 1/8" to starboard and 1/8" to port for a total of 1/4" over all. The top bearing seems fairly tight, the lower bearing seems to be where all the play is. I guess I am leaning toward digging in and replacing something. I am not sure exactly what and where to get it. I certainly do not want to open Pandora's Box. What are your thoughts?

      On 4/17/07, Bob Unkel <unkel@...> wrote:

      On 4/17/07 3:08 PM, "Tom Black" <uslaser@...> wrote:
          Please check one more item. Check how much the tip of the rudder moves from side to side. The gap at the top may not reflect the total clearance within the tube/post assembly. If there is a lot of side to side movement of the rudder, then I would suggest pulling the rudder out of the tube and looking at both surfaces –post and tube. The correction will be determined by what you find. If side to side isn't too much then nothing needed. If a lot of movement, then depending on what the inside of the tube and the rudder post looks like will direct how to fix it. Since the post is Stainless Steel and the tube is fiberglass, the most likely place for the wear is the ID of the tube.

      Here's hoping you don't have much side to side movement!



      Well Bob.....I guess we have a problem. The play was measured at the post and tube. What is your recommendation?

      On 4/16/07, Bob Unkel <unkel@...> wrote:
          I am guessing that the 3/16" is at the tip end of the rudder rather than the clearance between the rudder post and the rudder tube in the hull. If my assumption is correct, then it is my humble opinion that you don't have a problem and go sail the bottom off the boat! Some of the 'slop' you may be experiencing may be in the wheel mechanism. If the clearance is 3/16" between the rudder post and the rudder tube, then "Houston we have a problem".

      Bob Unkel

       On 4/15/07 10:30 PM, "Tom Black" <uslaser@...> wrote:


      I checked the play in the rudder this weekend and it appears to be
      about 3/16" in any direction. I had a friend with me that is the
      current owner of a Catalina 34 and previous owner of a Catalina 30 and
      25. He had to shim the rudder of his 30 some years back so he has a
      little experience. He said he thought the rudder could use a shim or
      two but probably was not worth the trouble at this time. I am in a
      dilemma as we are quickly approaching sailing season and I was planning
      to leave the boat in the water for two sailing seasons if possible. Any




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