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34RE: [capri26] How Much Play is too much play?

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  • Leighton Westlake
    Apr 12, 2007

      Check the bushings top and bottom.  On mine they are plastic and have lasted without problem. They may have broken and are causing excess play in the rudder.  If I had my choice I would have a bronze bushing made just because I do not trust plastic. It is easy enough to drop the rudder and inspect the bushings.


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      On 4/8/07 11:00 PM, "Tom Black" <uslaser@gmail. com> wrote:


      Hello All,

      While preparing for bottom paint, I noticed the rudder has some play
      front to back, may be up and down. Does anyone know what is correct
      here. Is any play too much? or is some play typical?


          Just how much clearance do you have or what makes you think there is a problem? These things are not precision fit assemblies.
       There is some clearance between the rudder post and the housing in the hull. The vertical clearance is determined between the tiller fitting and the top of the rudder. There should be a ‘washer/shim’ between the top of the rudder  and the hull. It is like a big plastic washer.
          Do you have a tiller or wheel steering? If tiller you can remove the single bolt in the tiller fitting that bolts it to the rudder shaft and the rudder will drop down. It weighs about 40-50#. I can ‘rock’ my rudder back and forth with the tip of the rudder probably moving at least 1”. The rudder shaft housing in the hull is just fiberglass and there aren’t any ‘replaceable bearings’ in this assembly. If you have a lot of clearance, you might be able to use a strip of UHMW tape around the shaft or in the housing to take up excess clearance.
          As for a wheel steering, I haven’t had one apart so I can’t comment. I believe they put the sector gear below the deck and opened up the housing. The shaft is still supported top and bottom. Getting it out will involve tearing apart the wheel steering. Perhaps one of our other members has had this apart and can share their experience with you.

      Bob Unkel


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