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2772Re: [capri26] Replacement Mast

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  • Bruce Spletstoser
    Nov 4, 2013
      Damn, that sucks!

      Bruce Spletstoser
      Satin sheets
      Gilbert, az

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      "garnancy@..." <sailman@...> wrote:


      Unfortunately a surprise squall line toppled my mast this past Saturday. It broke just above the spreaders and did a slow motion free fall. Fortunately the wind blew everything to the leeward side and we were all on the windward side, so no injuries. Too early to speculate exactly what caused the failure. In the meantime, any suggestions on sources for a replacement mast? Catalina Direct? Charleston Spar (I think they may have made the original). Thanks.

      Gary Pack
      Breezin' Bye

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