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2770RE: [capri26] Winterizing

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  • artstree@aol.com
    Nov 2, 2013
      If you are still in the water turn the sea cock off, and remove the pickup tube  going to the pump. Be careful removing the hose because the  length of the strainer gives you a lot of leverage on the fitting. stop the hoseinto a gallon of antifreeze and start the engine. At idle speed it should only take about 15 seconds to pump the gallon through. If you are removing a hose line from the pump make sure it is the intake line that you are connecting up to.

      On cold days make sure you preheat the engine with the glow plugs. Adding I shot of wd-40 into the intake doesn't hurt. The  WD 40 acts as a starting fluid. Also works on lawn mowers

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      Trying to winterize my diesel for the first time I can't get it to suck antifreeze in the intake hose. Pump ok?

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