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  • Stephen M. Hollingsworth
    Mar 11, 2013

      Hi Jim


      Sorry about the delay on getting back to you on the wheel conversion project, I have just been traveling allot for work and I just have not had the time to put down my thoughts and gather all my notes to share with you and the group.


      In the meantime, I have taken time in the last week to update my personal web site with all my projects and then I plan to post additional updates over the next few weeks. I have gone ahead and posted some pictures and notes on the wheel conversion on the web site however I still need to post my personal installation notes, costs, etc for each project (hopefully 600 words or more for Art!) for you. For example, when I upgraded to the wheel, I purchased the Pedestal from a friend and was able to save a great deal of money, the rest of the parts I did purchase from Edson. If you look on ebay, you can always find used Edson Pedestal’s for more than half the cost of a new one.  


      On the site, I posted 6 categories under the “Resources” link.


      Web site: http://www.capriowners.com


      Specifications: General Specs for the Capri

      Brochures: A few brochures on the Capri

      Manuals: My 1992 Manual

      Projects:  a small list of my prior projects, more will be added as time permits. (I also listed of all my upgrades in a separate pdf under this section)

      Technical Notes:   A recent discussion with Brion Toss and Gerry Douglas (of Catalina) on pre-bend and the swept back spreader design

      Photo Gallery: Photos of SummerWind







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      Adding a pedestal wheel steering would be something that I would like on my C26.

      It would be great if you can share this project. What am I looking cost wise, etc..?

      I assume it is an Edson brand. My only concern is whether there is added space sacrifice in the aft berth;I would think the base of the unit bolted on the deck there would be lost head room underneath.





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      Hi Richard


      Just wanted to touch base with everyone since you’re asking for feedback.


      First, I’m still deciding what to do with my Spreader mount situation that I posted about last month, I’ve noticed that some of the other C26’s at our marina have a double pin that attaches the spreader to the mount to help eliminate any forward and aft movement, unlike mine. I’m going to reach out to Catalina this week for some advice on how to correct the issue.


      Second, I have done a wealth of upgrades to Summer Wind over the years from changing out the head and hoses, applying a bottom barrier coat, adding Pedestal wheel steering (with a full instrument away including AutoPilot) to even installing a Marine Central AC unit. The great thing about the C26, every one of these projects only took a weekend to complete (besides for maybe the barrier coat). If you would like for me to write up a few of these projects, I would be happy to. The new AC unit seems to be a very popular upgrade around the marina. Also, I’m hoping to post some recent pics of Summer Wind (and projects) in the upcoming weeks that I would be happy to share with the group.


      Fyi, Although Mike and Ellie are new to the group, they have done some wonderful upgrades to Inamorata since they purchased her. Mike as installed a new Force 10 Electric Stove and Ellie has done some wonderful things to increase storage. A fun fact about Inamorata, the original owners changed the rig to a Cutter rig and the new bow pulpit is a piece of art.



      Note: We have four C26’s at Tradewinds Yacht Club on Carlyle Lake.

      Summer Wind


      Bacon in the Sun

      Wabi Sabi







      Summer Wind


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      Subject: [capri26] Stories...



      Peter Galizia,
      We haven't visited in a while. How are you and Lois doing?
      Are you fully retired now?
      Did you get your new sails yet?
      Come sail with us if you want to see hoe the flat sails work!

      Jean Junker,
      I have a very nice photo of Coyote (101), but nothing in the way of a story to go with it.

      Who belongs to this beautiful boat?
      The stripped cushions really set the interior off nicely.
      What else have you done with her?

      We'd like to know more about the shelves in the cabin.
      Beautiful work. Your flip up galley extension is different from mine. Who did that? BTW, I adore the name.

      Where we are now we have bird poop. Tell us about your wash down pump installation? I have a couple of pics, but no words.

      I have a beautiful feature quality photo, but no words...
      You wrote me a bit about it years back. Help me out here?

      Paul and Pam were featured long long ago. Paul, what have you done lately?

      Revision (66) Jeff and Mary's boat.
      Thank you for all the time you have put into making this forum work.
      What happened to the youtube video with the cool theme music?

      I was wondering if you might share the intimate details of the two troll dolls lashed to your mast? I mean really! That has got to have some interesting psychology behind it!

      Summer Wind (207)
      Stephen, are you still with us?
      I have photos and some text.
      You are one of the few skippers with a real license (6 pack)
      I need a bit of story to tie all this together.

      Tyburon (131)
      did I spell that right?
      The shark logo is really cool, but the pic is too small to tell for sure.

      As for the rest of you, NO MUMBLING!

      Let's see what you have to offer..


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