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43Fwd: Techtalk by Doug Crockford on "Gears and the Mashup Problem"

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  • Mark Miller
    Sep 19, 2007
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      From: Mark Miller <erights@...>
      Date: Sep 19, 2007 4:05 PM
      Subject: Techtalk by Doug Crockford on "Gears and the Mashup Problem"
      To: "General discussions concerning capability systems." <cap-talk@...>

      Doug Crockford will be giving a Google Techtalk tomorrow, 9/20 at
      11am on "Gears and the Mashup Problem"

      Mashups are the most interesting innovation in software development in
      decades. Unfortunately, the browser's security model did not
      anticipate this development, so mashups are not safe if there is any
      confidential information in the page. Since virtually every page has
      at least some confidential information in it, this is a big problem.
      Google Gears may lead to the solution.

      Douglas Crockford is the world's foremost living authority on
      JavaScript. He is an architect with Yahoo's Ajax Strike Force. He is
      the founder of two startups, and was Director of Technology at
      Lucasfilm Ltd., Director of New Media at Paramount, and a researcher
      at Atari and SRI.

      Besides his official bio above, Doug Crockford is a long time
      object-capability person (helping to create E while at Electric
      Communities) and is the creator of JSON.

      If you're outside Google and would like to attend, please show up at
      the Google main campus Bldg 41 lobby no later than 10:30am. If you
      could also send me email ahead of time letting me know, that'd be
      great, but is not required. My cell number is
      four oh eight, three one oh, one three one two.



      Text by me above is hereby placed in the public domain