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39Fwd: [Waterken-server] Sneak peek at next version of Waterken Server

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  • Mark Miller
    Aug 20 8:12 AM
      The Waterken server is itself built in Joe-E and provides distributed
      capability-based interaction for Joe-E objects via an https/json based
      crypto capability protocol. This protocol uses URLs as capabilities,
      which we call "webkeys". Waterken servers can talk to other Waterken
      servers directly using this protocol. When a browser visits a webkey,
      the Waterken server downloads Javascript into the page so the user can
      interact with local behavior wielding capabilities to remote objects.

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      From: Tyler Close <tyler.close@...>
      Date: Aug 8, 2007 7:04 PM
      Subject: [Waterken-server] Sneak peek at next version of Waterken Server
      To: waterken-server@...

      Hi all,

      I've uploaded the 4.8 release of the Waterken Server to SourceForge.
      This version implements all the high level features of the Waterken
      Server, but is not yet at all documented. I'm only putting out this
      release so that those familiar with the software can look things over.
      I'll make a wider announcement once we've got some documentation.

      This version of the Waterken Server benefits from the security review
      we did with Mark Miller, Dean Tribble, Adrian Mettler, David Wagner,
      Marc Stiegler and myself. I think I've addressed all the issues we
      found in that review, but I need to go through and do another review
      pass myself before being confident of this.

      The other major change in this version of the server is the move to
      JSON. Instead of XML and urlencoded formats, all I/O is done in JSON.
      There's a corresponding move to do all rendering in Javascript instead
      of XSLT. I'm hoping a wider developer community will be able to work
      with Javascript/JSON, than was the case with XSLT/XML. As part part of
      this change, I've also implemented a ref_send equivalent library in
      Javascript. By using a Javascript shell, like the one at
      <http://www.squarefree.com/shell/>, we get an E-like read-eval loop
      interpreter running inside the browser and communicating with our
      persistent Java objects inside the Waterken Server. It's actually
      pretty fun to use. I think the syntax for the Javascript ref_send API
      provides a very E-like feel.

      Feel free to pass around pointers to this release to friends, but
      please also include a pointer to this email and don't post it to any
      major forums yet.


      The web-calculus is the union of REST and capability-based security:

      Name your trusted sites to distinguish them from phishing sites.

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