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36A Good Outcome

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  • Douglas Crockford
    Jul 19, 2007
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      We have the Mashup, which is the most interesting innovation in
      programming in years. But as practiced in the web browser, it is
      insecure. There is a clear need for a mechanism that allows components
      to discover each other and communicate without giving up all of their

      There is interesting work being done on this at a lot of places,
      including Microsoft, IBM, HP, Google, and Yahoo.

      What I would like to do here is to pool this work, and come up with a
      fully minimally adequate solution that can connect mashible components
      wherever they may be.

      I'm thinking that it could connect desktop widgets with pages, and
      even services on other servers. It could connect Air with Silverlight.
      It could mash up everything.

      It could be a service offered by browsers or by operating systems. I
      am thinking that in the short tern it could be provided by popular
      extensions, such as Google's and Yahoo's toolbars. This would allow us
      to shortcircuit much of the latency of software distribution.
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