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304FBJS2 -- The bad news and the good news

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  • marcel.laverdet
    Jul 15 8:30 PM
      Hey I wanted to let you guys know that for now I'm discontinuing research on FBJS2. Basically at this time instead we're focusing on Facebook Connect (external sites, not embedded on Facebook) and the overall stability of Facebook Platform (that is, not introducing wild new technologies that will break everything). Meanwhile I'm moving on to some other projects at Facebook. It's probably for the best since I never did get to commit as much time to FBJS2 as I had wanted to; it was always kind of a rogue project I was working on in my spare time.

      The good news is that we're open sourcing everything we made along the way [Apache license]...

      I know some of you were interested in seeing our rewrite rules, so they're there for everyone. Also included is a hastily-written JS runtime, which is nothing special and also very slow. The parser \ rewrite engine is probably the most reusable software in the package. We ended up using it internally for a few different projects that need to wrangle Javascript.