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294[W2SP2009] Web 2.0 Security & Privacy -- May 21, 2009

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  • Larry Koved
    Apr 27, 2009

      This workshop may be of interest to subscribers of this mailing list

      Web 2.0 Security & Privacy 2009
      Claremont Resort in Oakland, California
      May 21, 2009


      The goal of this one day workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to focus on understanding Web 2.0 security and privacy issues, and establishing new collaborations in these areas. This workshop is the 3rd in a series of successful workshops on this topic.

      Registration is now open.  See the main conference web site for registration information: http://oakland09.cs.virginia.edu/ .  (You may register and participate in the workshop even if you are not attending the 30th IEEE Symposium on Security & Privacy.)

      If you would, please pass this information on to your colleagues who may be interested in this workshop.  

      Larry Koved & Dan Wallach
      Co-chairs, W2SP
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