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23Re: [caplet] Why am I here?

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  • Mark Miller
    Jun 30, 2007
      > On 6/25/07, Ben Laurie <ben@...> wrote:
      > > So, someone created this group and subscribed me to it, which I do not
      > > object to, the idea is interesting.
      > > But I'm wondering who did that, and why?

      On 6/25/07, Marc Stiegler <marcs@...> wrote:
      > I would say that markm is the one who subscribed you, except, it would be out of character
      > for markm to surprise you. It would be much more in-character for him to goad you, as he
      > goaded me, into joining yet-another-object-cap-group. This one, though, has a very specific,
      > narrow purpose: to figure out and standardize an obj-cap version of JavaScript.

      Hi Ben,

      As far as I remember, as a moderator, I sent you a Yahoo-generated
      email invitation. This email msg likely contained a link for accepting
      the invitation. Perhaps you clicked on this inadvertently?

      In any case, if I did somehow accidentally subscribe you, my
      apologies. But I'm glad to have you here!

      Text by me above is hereby placed in the public domain

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