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150ADsafe validation

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  • Kris Zyp
    Mar 16, 2008
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      Doug/ADsafe people,
      Has there been any efforts to produce a lightweight minimal-sized ADsafe validator? With the coming browser capabilities in Cross-site XHR (MS's XDR and W3C/AC proposal) and the new postMessage API, it seems there will be significant potential for loading scripts by first retrieving the script in text form and then validating their safety before eval'ing them. AFAIK, jslint is the only validator, but it does a lot more than just ADsafe validation (and consequently is fairly big, I assume). I wonder how small a validator could be that only did ADsafe validation (and it would not even need to check for valid JavaScript since eval does that). Have their been efforts towards such a minimalistic validator?
      It seems like the other useful place for ADsafe validator would be in a proxy server that could request a script, validate it, and deliver it to the browser. Would such efforts be appreciated? (not committing, but I am interested.)
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