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143RE: [caplet] Fwd: [Caja] secure string interpolation in javascript

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  • Freeman, Tim
    Jan 30, 2008
      Seems like a good idea.
      As a user, I'd rather see the SQL problem solved right by having a parser that's more sophisticated than a finite state machine than to not have it solved right.
      In the paper, every result from Template is immediately passed to open.  Did I miss one?  If not, then why make people write both?  I'd expect to have "openedTemplate(...blah...)" as an abbreviation for "open(Template(...blah...))", although maybe a name shorter than "openedTemplate" should be selected.
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      Subject: [Caja] secure string interpolation in javascript
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      http://google- caja.googlecode. com/svn/changes/ mikesamuel/ string-interpola tion-29-Jan- 2008/trunk/ src/js/com/ google/caja/ interp/index. html
      describes a scheme for adding string interpolation to javascript.
      This is meant to allow open-social application developers to write XSS-
      free code, should provide an API that's easily understood by PHP
      developers, and should provide an easy migration path away from code
      that uses string += to compose html.

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